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Office 365 includes all the Microsoft Office apps you know and love such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. But it is so much more. Office 365 offers several social and collaboration applications and delivers them in the cloud, so you can  be connected anytime anywhere. Plus, with it’s Pay-Per-User Subscription Model, Office 365 is cost-effective. You pay for the users you need when you need them, on a month-to-month subscription basis.


Communicate with Your Teams via group chat, online meetings, calling, web conferences and more. 

Collaborate on Documents with Office 365 Functionality for a powerful two-way experience. 

Customizable for Your Business with the assortment of Microsoft Apps and third-party services.

Cloud-based Application can be run on a desktop, in a browser window or as a mobile app.  

Keep Your Team Secure with top notch Microsoft security to protect your valuable business data. 


SharePoint document management is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365. This means there is no need to manage paper forms, manuals, instruction guides, or product catalogs and brochures. Collaborate in the cloud by storing and sharing all files, data, news and resources in one central location.

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FIELDBOSS was built for the Microsoft Cloud and within Dynamics365. Dynamics 365 is  the next generation of intelligent business applications. This solution connects CRM for sales with job costed based service, maintenance and project tracking with ERP accounting capabilities layered with industry specific functionality that work seamlessly as one connected system. The result is a powerful platform that will increase productivity, cut costs, streamline processes, meet customer needs, and position you to capture new opportunities. 


Business Central is the next generation Microsoft Cloud accounting solution that is integrated with Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Business Central is designed for businesses looking for an all-in-one business management solution that is configurable and easy to use.

Connect sales, service, operations, and accounting to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and enable growth.


Microsoft Azure Cloud is a flexible cloud infrastructure and an affordable option for businesses looking to quickly deploy applications and back up data in the cloud.

  • Azure tends to be less expensive and more secure, reliable, and flexible than on-premises servers.

  • Equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft, or damage is almost non-existent.

  • You can scale your computer and storage resources—up or down—almost instantly when your needs change.

  • Pay only for the services you use, which provides convenience and cost-control that’s hard to achieve with on-site infrastructure.


Documents Core Pack

Document generation, processing, and automation in Dynamics 365 & Template Design based on MS Word.

DocumentAutomation​: DocumentsCorePack is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 processes, like workflows or dialogs. Thus, all document generation and processing capabilities can be fully automated via Dynamics 365 workflows or Microsoft Flow. It will also help to standardize your internal and external documents.

Template Design​: The easy and intuitive handling of the DocumentsCorePack Template Designer extends the capabilities of Microsoft Word with an interface to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


The combination of RESCO and FIELDBOSS Mobile improve customer responsiveness and transactional velocity while mitigating service delivery and other risk factors.

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry

  • Increases accuracy and timeliness of data 

  • Offers a simple way to input large amounts of data accurately into businesses with extremely complex processes


Tibco Scribe Software is an agile data integration and data migration platform designed to handle complex custom integration challenges via simple non-code based configuration. It brings your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms for front office and back office together and connects it to other cloud and premise applications.

  • Personalize the customer experience

  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Eliminate manual data entry/mistakes

  • Deliver fast access to financial data

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Use complete customer information to provide first class service & support

  • Execute personalized marketing campaigns