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The Leading Alternative to Liftkeeper Software 

Why Do Elevator Contractors Choose FIELDBOSS Over Liftkeeper?

built for the elevator industry

FIELDBOSS was built specifically for the Elevator industry. It is not a generic field service software. FIELDBOSS offers 100's of elevator industry specific features, accessible to businesses of all sizes.


We configure FIELDBOSS best practices to align with the way your organization is structured, teach you how leverage a proven solution and then tailor the system to what makes you unique.  

microsoft 365 technology 

No matter what size your company is, you will benefit from the Microsoft 365 Technology Platform due to their industry leading security and innovation, and familiar user interface.  

Service &

Lack of service and support are common complaints from customers who have moved from Liftkeeper. We make it a priority to deliver exceptional and unprecedented levels of service and support to our customers.

Thinking of upgrading from Liftkeeper?

FIELDBOSS vs. Liftkeeper (6).png
FIELDBOSS vs. Liftkeeper (4).png

How much money are you spending on a software that only delivers some of what it promises?

You shouldn't be fighting the software that is supposed to make your life easier. 

Moving to FIELDBOSS From Liftkeeper Is Easier Than You Think

We know that switching elevator software solutions can be an overwhelming project. That is why we make the transition as seamless as possible, putting your business in a position to succeed from the outset. We have successfully transitioned numerous Liftkeeper clients to FIELDBOSS. Our fully integrated and customized software is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your elevator business. Just ask our clients who switched from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS--they’re thriving!

Valley Elevator Client Spotlight: Migrating from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS

Questions? We Have Answers!

Contact us for more detailed information about the logistics, timelines, and cost to move from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS.

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