As a contractor business owner, improving customer relations and creating better employee experiences while managing an efficient and profitable company is no easy task. With so much to focus on, streamlining with contractor management software is vital in reducing risk and improving profit margin.

Grow Your Business. Power Your Productivity. Drive Your Innovation.

Flexible System


Accommodates future requirements associated with new service types, customer requirements, equipment types, regulatory requirements, organizational structure changes or staff capability improvements.

Microsoft Dynamics Platform

The sophistication of the Microsoft Dynamics platform reinforces your value proposition and brand to customers.

Future Proof


Microsoft's ongoing R&D investment in the Dynamics platform ensures your business is always “future proof”.

Increase Company Valuation

Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics as their business management platform own a strategic asset that can add a premium to company valuation.

Overcome Leadership Challenges
Reduce Risk.png
Mitigate Risk

Protect your company against surprise costs, schedule delays, and any potential disputes or disruptions with real-time updates and unlimited access to historical information.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to the actionable insights you need to make smart management decisions —all while maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Grow Revenue

Grow profits without growing headcount. By implementing an end-to-end solution, time-consuming and repetitive tasks are automated. Therefore, your team can take on more work without sacrificing effectiveness.

Click on the video below to learn more about  FIELDBOSS dashboards.
Click on the video below to learn more about  FIELDBOSS software.