Employee Spotlight: Stuart Taub

This month we shine the light on Stuart Taub, our development tester. Stuart was born and raised in Toronto. Prior to working at Rimrock, Stuart worked as a Senior Buyer in the Automotive and Food Industries. He was also a procurement officer at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Read on to learn more about Stuart.

What do you love most about working at Rimrock & how long have you been here?

I have been with Rimrock for about 4 years in the testing role. What I like most about my job is pointing out the errors in the program done by others (hey, it’s part of the job).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I stay away from the computer as much as possible. I like reading, taking care of my dog, and watching the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What TV shows/music/apps/Podcasts are you currently obsessed with right now?

My favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory, Survivor, and Brooklyn 99.

Tell us a “fun fact” about yourself or your “secret talent” that your colleagues might not already know.

I am a member of IPMS Toronto (International Plastic Modelers Society) and AMPS (Armor Military Preservation Society).  These groups mainly assemble scale models and help restore recovered military equipment from the past.  I also enter my completed build projects in competitions and have won several 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in show categories.  The next show we are doing is March 24th at the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton.  We usually get about 700 entries amid the backdrop of WWII and modern jets in the Museums hanger. Next time you see me, ask me what I am working on and I will likely have a picture of it.



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