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Valley Elevator Client Spotlight: Migrating from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS

Updated: May 19, 2022

Don't Take Our Word for It. Hear What Our Customers Have to Say.

Continuing our FIELDBOSS client spotlight series with Valley Elevator!

Valley Elevator is a locally owned elevator contractor in Central California with over 50 years of experience.

We spoke with Valley Elevator’s Office Manager, Dani Aguero, to find out how their experience was migrating from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS.

Prior to FIELDBOSS, you were using LiftKeeper. What were some of the challenges you faced?

We were faced with multiple challenges using Liftkeeper which is why we started looking at alternative software choices.

Some of the main challenges we faced with Liftkeeper were:

  • Inaccurate job costing

  • Lack of technical support

  • Billing issues

  • Migration issues to QuickBooks

  • Not user friendly/difficultly navigating the software

  • It seemed like every task was an individual item instead of an all-encompassing workflow

What features drew you to FIELDBOSS? Which features have had the biggest impact since going live on FIELDBOSS?

What initially drew us to FIELDBOSS was the job costing capabilities. This was a huge selling point for us.

We were also really excited about the Basic Dispatch functionality. When we decided to go with FIELDBOSS, the Basic Dispatch functionality was only in the works, but by the time we went live it was ready to go. It is now one of my favorite features, plus it saves me a lot of time creating tickets.

Another feature I absolutely love is the billing automation. With LiftKeeper, it would take me 3 to 4 days to complete billing. Now, with billing automation, it takes me about 4 hours once a month to complete all my billing for the prior month.

I am hoping when we go live with Business Central that too will now be cut in half.

Now that the techs have learned how to use the RESCO app, payroll is taking about 4 hours to complete verses 2 days.

As a business owner using FIELDBOSS, do you feel you have more insight and control of your business verses before the implementation?

Since the implementation of FIELDBOSS we have been able to make sound business decisions on financial matters that we were not able to do before coming on board with FIELDBOSS. It has given us the insight and control on all avenues of the business, not just financial. We have been able to hire more techs and office staff because of FIELDBOSS. It has given us the tools to do more business planning and develop a plan for growth.

How have your technicians adapted to using FIELDBOSS Resco mobile?

The techs were initially resistant to starting a new mobile app. It has been a slow introduction to the FIELDBOSS Resco app, but now that they are getting use to the application, it has made it easier for them. The tech’s like the toggle feature and the inspection reports.

Where do you see FIELDBOSS improving your business in the future?

FIELDBOSS is giving us the data needed to make sound decisions on business growth, purchasing, and hiring new employees.

The system has given us the accurate job costing we have needed for years to make sound business decisions.

Overall, how was the FIELDBOSS experience through the Planning, Data migration and Implementation?

The overall process felt seamless. Once I knew what data was needed for the migration, it was as simple as creating an excel spreadsheet.

There was some fine tuning that needed to be done once we went live, but there was no way to know ahead of time how everything would flow until we went live.

Being in California, our requirements have much more details/regulations than other areas, so this created a little fine tuning but once we got it dialed in, it lessened the work load in the office.

Our FIELDBOSS Consultant, Josh Ford, was extremely helpful in creating the custom forms and templates needed to meet our state requirements. He was a pleasure to work with and made the process of changing software seem seamless.

Dani and her team at Valley Elevator are awesome to work with and we, at FIELDBOSS, could not be happier to have them as a client.

If you would like to learn more about how FIELDBOSS can help your business or want to learn more about migrating from Liftkeeper to FIELDBOSS, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.

See FIELDBOSS and Liftkeeper comparison chart here.

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