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Comprehensive project management functionality that ensures on time and on budget delivery. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs visibility into progress can access information on a moment’s notice. Never miss a deadline, opportunity to bill your client or a critical step needed to complete the project.

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FIELDBOSS can help you effectively manage the billing process through long duration projects and keep cash flow running throughout the project’s lifecycle by providing for payment at several stages during the process. Choose from milestone, percent complete or AIA billing and make sure you get paid while keeping your customers happy.


Identify, monitor and progress the work that needs to be done to complete your project on time and on budget. Monitor your tasks in real time and set reminders for upcoming and/or overdue tasks to help you stay on track. Task management is the secret to getting your tasks competed on time!

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FIELDBOSS and Microsoft allows your team to manage and see all emails, tasks, appointments and other activities for any major project. Leverage Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook, Excel and Teams to collaborate and share information internally and externally.



Stay on top of project budgets and costs with real time data anytime, anywhere. Get real-time insights into the progress of a job so you can control the actual costs of your construction projects. With job costing reports, you can identify issues before they become full-scale problems. Make every job profitable by avoiding unexpected surprises.



Easily Track, Manage, and Analyze the Progress of Each Job From Beginning to Completion! 

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