Real-time visibility into the status of your prospects makes it easy to develop comprehensive marketing, sales and operations plans. Have a bunch of open estimates you expect to sell soon? Prepare your operations team for a busy future. Don't have many opportunities at the top of the funnel? Create a campaign to build your sales pipeline.

Sell Faster. Sell Smarter. Sell More.

Flexible System 

Accommodates future changes to sales process driven by customer or industry requirements.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with MS Office and document templates makes staff more efficient and frees up time to focus on sales relationships and activities instead of repetitive paperwork.

Increase Lead and Opportunity Count

FIELDBOSS automatically integrates field staff recommendations logged in mobile devices to sales system.

Improve Close Rates and Margin

FIELDBOSS enables visibility into historical and current customer circumstances.

Dynamics 365 Sales App


Enables teamwork and collaboration through shared visibility and connection to customers and internal staff members.

Reduce Risk of Sales Staff Departure

All sales staff activities and opportunities are logged into system.

Dashboard Views Expose Risks

Real-time views of risks such as low margin estimates, excessive proposal turn-around time, excessive customer service cases, or missed sales follow up.

Sophisticated Quote Template

FIELDBOSS's sophisticated quote template functionality and business process automation will improve departmental efficiency.

Crush Sales Challenges
Identify New Sales Opportunities

Visibility and real-time access to accurate contract information not only increases billing velocity, it also empowers your team to identify new sales opportunities. Dashboards show you how many agreements are set to expire and which customers need a follow up. 

Quotes to
Work Orders

Whether you are bidding on new work, or your technician in the field needs to provide a quote for additional work, FIELDBOSS enables you to easily transition from quotes to work orders, or apply a quote to an open work order.

Track Analytics On Quotes

Dashboards can track the analytics on quoting by customers, job type, open and closed quotes, and more. Measure the success of your quotes by margins and profitability, and how many quotes turned into jobs.

Click on the videos below to learn more about how the quoted sales process works in FIELDBOSS.