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The Leading Alternative to

Site Service Software 


Why Do Elevator Contractors Choose FIELDBOSS Over Site Service Software?

Both FIELDBOSS and Site Service are leading software solutions for elevator contractors. While both software solutions use Microsoft Dynamics GP as the back-end accounting system, the similarities end there. FIELDBOSS offers the most up-to-date features based on the most current Microsoft technologies for elevator service contractors. With FIEDLBOSS, you are better connected to your customers, field staff and the elevators you service.

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Moving to FIELDBOSS From Site Service Is Easier Than You Think

We know that switching elevator software solutions can be an overwhelming project. That is why we make the transition as seamless as possible, putting your business in a position to succeed from the outset. We have successfully transitioned numerous Site Service clients to FIELDBOSS. Our fully integrated and customized software is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your elevator business. Just ask our clients who switched from Site Service Software to FIELDBOSS--they’re thriving!

Questions? We Have Answers!

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Key Differences Between FIELDBOSS and Site Service Software

Real-Time Job Costing


FIELDBOSS delivers real time job costing information to your operations team creating a more efficient process for quoting, staging jobs, and billing work.

Work Order.png
Excel Templates.png

Microsoft Technology Platform is More Natively Integrated to FIELDBOSS


Other elements of the Microsoft technology platform are more natively integrated into FIELDBOSS including SharePoint document management, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Best in Class Mobile Platform


FIELDBOSS uses Resco Mobile CRM as the underlying mobile technology which is widely considered to be best in class.

Mobile Service Call Map.png
Mobile Service Activity Overview.png
Active Case Management.png

FIELDBOSS is a Complete Field Service System


Site Service uses Dynamics GP for both operations and accounting, which means that salespeople, dispatchers, field staff and management are all working in an accounting system and not in a sales and field service system.

Flexible Where it Needs to Be


Accounting systems need to be linear and inflexible. FIELDBOSS gives you the best of both worlds with Dynamics GP for accounting integrated with a flexible sales and operations system. This enables you to change processes to accommodate new customer requirements and changing industry trends. 

Dispatch Tomorrow.png
Schedule Board.png

FIELDBOSS is Future-Proof


Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365, FIELDBOSS is a flexible and configurable platform that allows you to work the way you want to work, now and in the future. Microsoft's ongoing R&D investment in the Dynamics platform ensures your business is always “future proof”.

Thinking of Upgrading from Site Service?

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