10 Field Service Management Resolutions for a Successful 2016

January 6, 2016
3 min read

Here are 10 to get you started.

  1. Improve service to cash cycle: If you equip your technicians with mobile software in the field, they can sync job details with the back-office and even collect customer signatures onsite for faster invoicing, which improves cash flow, profits and customer satisfaction. No more backlog of paperwork or lost invoices.
  2. Eliminate the use of paper: By automating service processes with a unified mobile and back office solution, you can save time and resources by cutting or even eliminating paper from the operation. That means no more illegible hand writing, losing important forms, or re-entering data.
  3. Automate and increase service contracts: Service contracts are one of the most lucrative revenue opportunities available to service organizations. Optimize profitability in 2016 by using an automated solution to create, schedule, and manage your service contracts.
  4. Schedule smarter: Scheduling is a big part of getting service right. This year help your dispatchers make accurate assignments based on actual technician location, availability and skill set with an easy to use visual scheduler.
  5. Increase first-time fix rate: With enhanced inventory visibility, improved dispatch, and having real time access to customer and asset history, techs can cut the number of unnecessary return visits significantly. Improving your first-time fix rate will automatically increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and create new revenue by freeing up technicians time.
  6. Reduce inventory shrinkage: Make it a resolution to let no part go unbilled this year. Give techs the tools to see what they have in their van and allow them to document parts used or purchased so the bill to the customer automatically reflects the parts update.
  7. Eliminate duplicate data entry: Make 2016 the year to become more efficient. By automating each step in the service process with a comprehensive solution, everyone from technicians to managers only need to document information one time to make it instantly accessible to the right people.
  8. Automate field inspections: This year, make it a priority to automate inspection processes for your specific industry (LIFT and HVAC). Not only does this speed the process, make customers happier, and increase profitability for the company (by cutting time and avoiding fines), it also creates safer job conditions for everyone, which is, after all, the main reason for performing safety inspections.
  9. Offer training opportunities: Even the best technicians and service managers still have room to grow. This year, be sure you offer your workforce plenty of opportunities for advanced training, knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  10. Get customers and management the data they need: Everyone knows collecting data and measuring outcomes is important, but getting each person the information they need in a timely manner can be a challenge. With an all-in-one field service management system, you can be sure all the information collected in the field is compiled in one place and viewable through customizable dashboards for both customers, and workers.

With the right tools (and resolutions…), your field service team will be ready to make this year the best year yet! Contact FIELDBOSS today and set your field service organization up for a successful 2016.

Happy New Year!