Responsive Field Service Estimating Software for HVAC & Elevator Companies

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Create Accurate Quotes in One Click

In the field service industry, the speed at which you can create accurate, professional estimates and quotes has a huge impact on your performance and profitability. That’s why thousands of elevator and HVAC contractors rely on FIELDBOSS to manage every aspect of their operations, including quoting.

Automated<br>Quoting Processes Automated
Quoting Processes
Quickly generate proposals and quotes and convert accepted proposals, quotes, and estimates to work orders and invoices in one click.
Flexible<br>Formatting Flexible
Simplify document creation with configurable templates so quotes can be created by anyone – in the format customers are most likely to approve. 
Full Job<br>Cost Visibility Full Job
Cost Visibility
Reduce errors and create optimized quotes and estimates by pulling real-time data related to job costs, equipment, labor, and more.
Why Choose FIELDBOSS for HVAC Field Managment

Transform Your HVAC Service Delivery with FIELDBOSS

FIELDBOSS is redefining HVAC service excellence! Click here to watch a quick overview video to discover why FIELDBOSS is the top choice for growing HVAC organizations.

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Maximize Profit Margins with FIELDBOSS

When you choose FIELDBOSS, you get a powerful financial management and field service estimating software solution that includes the extensive quoting functionality your team needs to create quotes faster, analyze profit margins, and win more business.

Customizable Templates

Ensure consistency across quotes with tailored templates and self-service formatting.

CRM Integration

Quickly convert CRM lead records into opportunities and create professional quotes in one click.

Contract Management

Take advantage of FIELDBOSS’ highly configurable maintenance contract estimating templates.

Revision Tracking

Keep track of changes made to quotes, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Alerts and Dashboards

Monitor the likely effect on profit using email notifications or custom quoting and estimating dashboards.

Mobile Access

Empower field service technicians to create quotes on-site, improving efficiency and reducing delays.

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It’s very empowering when you have the right tools. Not just the right tool for now, but the right tool for the future. We know FIELDBOSS will be around 10 years from now. We are looking at our business in full colour now.

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“Jonathan and his team continually work to provide end-to-end value through a collaborative effort in understanding your business’ processes by providing effective and efficient solutions.”

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“We’ve worked with the team and the FIELDBOSS platform for 4+ years now. The curated CRM platform is tailored to provide a solution for service-based trades in a variety of industries. Jonathan and his team continually work to provide end-to-end value through a collaborative effort in understanding your business’ processes by providing effective and efficient solutions.”

Improve Employee Productivity

FIELDBOSS allows you to generate quotes from templates, track revisions, and send quotes to customers electronically. You can also view your quote history and track your win/loss ratio – providing deeper insights into your sales performance.

Tailored to Fit Your Industry

FIELDBOSS works for elevator and HVAC companies out-of-the-box for all standard business industry needs. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, FIELDBOSS includes both standard and advanced functionality, reporting, and requirements specific to the industry from day one with lower costs for setup, ownership, and ongoing management and maintenance.

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