Insightful Field Service Reporting Software

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Take the Guesswork Out of Reporting

Transform raw data into accurate, timely information and actionable business decisions with reporting software built for elevator, HVAC, and specialty field service contractors. With FIELDBOSS, you get a centralized business, financial, and field service management solution with industry-ready reports, dashboards, and analytics.

Trust<br>Your Data Trust
Your Data
Analyze and present data using always accurate information from one centralized database.
Make<br>Impactful Decisions Make
Impactful Decisions
Customize reports and dashboards for optimal business oversight and enhanced decision-making.
Analyze<br>Performance Analyze
Dive deeper into your Dynamics 365 data with AI-driven visualizations from Power BI—embedded into your business applications. 
Why Choose FIELDBOSS for Elevator Field Managment

Why Choose FIELDBOSS for Elevator

Discover the FIELDBOSS difference! Watch this short video and see why more elevator contractors are choosing us to drive their operations to new heights with FIELDBOSS.

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Make Critical Business Decisions with Confidence

FIELDBOSS makes it easy to report with confidence and minimize risk. Our reliable field service and HVAC reporting software comes equipped with pre-built out-of-the-box reports for WIP, violation management, technician and staff performance, and maintenance details. Developed and delivered on trusted Microsoft cloud technology, your data is safe and secure, and accessible right when you need it.

Custom Dashboards

Gain a panoramic view of your enterprise, revealing invaluable data. Uncover lucrative clients, identify top performers, and pinpoint operational enhancements.

Margin Reporting

Unlock valuable point-in-time margin analysis for accounts, buildings, and contracts, optimizing customer relationships and identifying review areas.

External Reporting Entity

Share data strategically with consultants or stakeholders. Take control by defining data and timing, seamlessly populating designated content.

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It’s very empowering when you have the right tools. Not just the right tool for now, but the right tool for the future. We know FIELDBOSS will be around 10 years from now. We are looking at our business in full colour now.

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“Jonathan and his team continually work to provide end-to-end value through a collaborative effort in understanding your business’ processes by providing effective and efficient solutions.”

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“We’ve worked with the team and the FIELDBOSS platform for 4+ years now. The curated CRM platform is tailored to provide a solution for service-based trades in a variety of industries. Jonathan and his team continually work to provide end-to-end value through a collaborative effort in understanding your business’ processes by providing effective and efficient solutions.”

Visualize KPIs Through Power BI

Monitor your key performance indicators with visually compelling, intuitive Power BI dashboards in FIELDBOSS. Our pre-built dashboards are easy to understand – helping you analyze data effortlessly and extract valuable insights for informed decision-making and practical corrective actions.

Stand Out From the Competition

Differentiate yourself from competitors with the FIELDBOSS Customer Portal. Providing a self-service, user-friendly and secure customer portal demonstrates a commitment to customer service and modern technology. Position your business as innovative and customer-centric, giving yourself an edge in sales opportunities and enhancing your overall reputation in the industry.

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