4 Benefits of Socializing in the Workplace

July 13, 2022
Just for Fun
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“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”― Benjamin Franklin

While some professionals are naturally sociable, there are many in the working world who do not enjoy socializing with coworkers outside the office. It is common for people to participate in routine small talk at work, but when the workday is over, so is everything that comes with it, including getting together with colleagues. Many people do not form genuine connections with coworkers and tend to keep work and personal lives separate. However, this can be harmful to not only oneself, but the work environment as well.

Socialization is a natural part of human nature. Developing close relationships with others is crucial in both your personal and professional lives. Your impression of the workplace, your sense of contentment, and your career are all positively impacted by socializing with your coworkers. And of course, it also benefits the company directly.

4 Benefits of Socializing in the Workplace

Encourages collaboration and teamwork resulting in greater efficiency

A company’s staff is stronger when coworkers get along. When coworkers get together occasionally after work, their relationships naturally become stronger outside of the office. This then carries over into the workspace.

Increased communication leads to speedy conflict resolution

When coworkers get to know one another outside of the workplace, it can lead to relationships that are more considerate while also being more open than those that are completely professional.

Better health and wellbeing of employees

According to studies, workplace morale improves when employees socialize with one another, which in turn improves the employees’ health. Making friends and developing relationships at work improves the atmosphere and increases enjoyment without reducing productivity.

New hires are brought up to speed more quickly

The best way to help new employees adjust to the new space, team, and responsibilities is to socialize with them. Making new hires feel welcome and introducing them to others in the office will make them feel comfortable, at ease and unafraid to ask questions.

How do we socialize at FIELDBOSS?

At FIELDBOSS, we have a companywide social once a month. On days when staff come into the office, we order a big lunch and eat together talking about travel, adventures, our new favourite movies, shows, books… the list goes on.

After lunch, we gather and talk about what we are working on, upcoming projects, and other relevant updates.

After the meeting we close the office early and head out for whatever social activity is planned for the month. Last month, the FIELDBOSS team celebrated the beginning of summer with a company happy hour hosted by the President of FIELDBOSS. We headed out for some drinks, food, and sun.

At first one may think, “Okay, how much time do I really want to spend with the people that I already work with all week?” But, to be honest, we always have a fun time, catch up with our colleagues about non-work-related things, and walk away with lots of laughs and stories.