5 Reasons To Automate Your Technician’s Timesheets

August 14, 2017
3 min read

Manual time sheets are a thing of the past. Every field service company manages and tracks their service technicians’ time. If your business is still using manual pen and paper processes than you could be losing money and wasting valuable time. A comprehensive field service management software with connected mobile access provides a quick and efficient way to track technicians’ time on the job helping businesses become more profitable and gain more insight into operations in the field.

Here are a few of the main benefits to tracking your technician’s time electronically:

No more time wasted

Field technicians will never need to fill out time-consuming paperwork or waste time travelling back to the office to submit time sheets ever again. It will also save time by freeing up your back office from having to re-key technician’s time into payroll.  A connected mobile device makes it easy for technicians to let the office know where they are and what their status is. With the click of a button, techs can set their position as on route, job started or job complete. Their time is automatically synced to the back office making payroll a breeze. With mobile capabilities such as time sheet input based on clock-in/clock-out, task status and more, tedious and error-prone time entries are eliminated opening up time for additional work while freeing field professionals from administrative chores.

Accurate time tracking leads to accurate costs

Using a mobile app is the best way to track time against specific tasks and work orders. When employees start tracking time accurately for each job it becomes much easier to prevent time theft. Reducing work time by just 15 minutes per day can translate to $250 saved per month for an employee being paid $50 an hour. Technicians can track all time including on-route, working status, hours worked for regular, overtime, and double time and even individual expenses.

Quicker Customer Invoicing

Automated time tracking syncs with billing in the back office, so organizations can get a complete bill of services out to the customer ASAP. No more waiting for technicians to fill out their time sheets manually and drive them back to the office.

Analyze your most profitable jobs and customers

Using software to track employee time and job expenses can allow you to automatically calculate the profitability of every job and customer. The right software can help ensure every job is worth doing and provides owners with a simple, real time way to analyze each job.

Identify your most successful techs

Another benefit of automated field service software is that you can track the profitability of each technician. The tech that completes the most work orders isn’t necessarily bringing in the most profit, and it’s important to understand the true performance of each tech.

An automated time-tracking feature replaces your company’s need for handwritten time sheets and punch clocks with advanced time-tracking technology that updates in real-time directly from your technicians’ mobile devices. You get complete visibility into your business. You not only know the updated locations of your employees, you also know the time they spent on each job. When your time sheets are automated in a field service management system, your field workers waste less time with paperwork and you get faster, more accurate time tracking.

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