5 Ways Scheduling Software Provides A Quick ROI

December 10, 2015
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How could your entire organization benefit if you could service just one more work order per day? Free up time and increase revenue by using field service management scheduling software.

Here are five ways that your organization can benefit from software that improves communication between schedulers and field technicians and increases schedulers’ ability to take more calls and dispatch more efficiently.

  1. Reduce time to take calls, pass information to dispatch, and record call information

With scheduling and dispatch software, schedulers have complete access into the busy calendar and scheduling board, so it takes a fraction of the time to figure out who’s available, go into the system, schedule, dispatch, and alert technicians to a job. And since many service organizations take and schedule dozens of calls per day, even saving five seconds per call will add up to thousands of dollars per year.

  1. Receive automatic updates through alerts, escalations, and workflows connected to technician mobile devices

Implementing a mobile solution means that your field techs can update their job status in real-time right from the job site. No need for phone calls with status updates. Alerts also go from the scheduler to the technician’s mobile device when a work order changes or techs are scheduled to a new work order.

  1. Make smarter scheduling decisions with access to customer and equipment service history

Schedulers can save time and make smarter dispatching decisions due to greater visibility into service history and technician status and location (thanks to integrated GPS technology), not to mention the higher success rate in the field when technicians know the service history and the tools and skills required to fix the problem before they get on site.

  1. Increase first time fix rates with detailed visibility into technicians skill sets, availability, location, and parts.

Schedulers can ensure that a qualified technician gets to each job site in the shortest amount of time possible by scheduling technicians based on availability, location, skill set, parts availability, etc. Improving first time fix rates can save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars due to reduction of second-trips and quicker service times It’s also the number one factor determining the level of customer satisfaction.

  1. Automate maintenance and service contracts.

With easy to manage scheduling software, schedulers can set recurring maintenance work orders. Maintenance contracts and annual inspections are automatically placed in a scheduling queue so they’re out of sight out of mind but never forgotten. Then they appear on the schedule at the appropriate time with all the order details.

Improved scheduling is where it all starts, so by investing in and focusing on the call-taking and scheduling stage, you’ll lay the ground work for greater service numbers all around.

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