6 of the Top 10 Retailers in U.S are Sold on Microsoft Enterprise Solutions

January 18, 2013
Cloud, General, Mobility & Devices
2 min read

In today’s global economy, consumers have an increasing number of options for how and when they want to shop. Thus retailers need to make the customer their top priority to stay competitive. Microsoft has the answer to this problem, with the right tools and technologies in order to implement a full on customer centric strategy.

This article talks about 3 key aspects to Microsoft’s Enterprise Solutions – engaging customers, engaging employees and optimizing operations ; all of which have retailers sold on Microsoft.

First of all, retailers are looking for new ways to deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels and Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone 8 deliver multiple options for retailers to improve interactions with customers.

In addition, retailers are also pressured to deliver superior in-store experiences by taking advantage of the expertise of their employees and ensuring that they have the cutting-edge tools in order to deliver top-notch customer service. As retailers move to the cloud to reduce costs, improve customer service and engage employees they are choosing Microsoft Office 365 as their go to product.

Lastly, retailers are turning to Microsoft products to help optimize their overall operations and remain profitable. Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Windows Server and Windows Azure allow retailers to address the big data question through quickly analyzing and delivering data to decision-makers, making them efficient in giving consumers what they want.

So, it’s clear that Microsoft products remain top of the line, for businesses looking to maximize efficiency everywhere!