6 Risks that HVAC Managers Can Avoid with Field Service Software

September 22, 2016
4 min read

Risk 1: Technician Departure

Solution: Build the company knowledge base

By linking field techs with each other and with back office personnel, mobile technology keeps everyone within the organization in sync, transcending the limitations of geography. Whether you have technicians that are retiring, off sick, or busy on another job, automating and sharing data reduces the risk of having a single point of information. A connected mobile device helps build easily accessible knowledge bases so field workers can access information anywhere, anytime, regardless of their location.

Risk 2: New Regulations: Staying compliant & avoiding fines

Solution: Automate dates, inspections, checklists

The only way to stay compliant and avoid fines is to use a field service management software that automatically and continuously updates information, collects critical data, and issues alerts on violations, complaints, inspections, fines, hearings, jobs, and permits for property owners, managers, and service companies. In today’s environment, compiling manual information on a spreadsheet is not enough to prevent critical issues from slipping through the cracks. Constant attention and technology are required to prevent the accumulation of risk factors that can lead to violations and fines.

Risk 3: Unknown KPI’s

Solution: Increase Business Intelligence

In order to identify revenue-generating opportunities and profit throttling snags, your company must have software that can collect the necessary data from your technicians and provide quick answers to key questions. Once you collect the information you want to analyze, service dashboards display it in easy to read, real-time charts and graphs. Being able to link operational and financial modules offers an opportunity to have detailed visibility into both your processes and profitability. With increased transparency comes the ability to identify and target money-making opportunities or financial pitfalls that would otherwise go unnoticed and unaddressed.

Risk 4: Cash flow issues

Solution: Eliminate paper

While sales and profit look great on paper, cash is what keeps your business afloat. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your company’s invoicing, billing and collection cycle. A paper-based system creates complicated paper trails, resulting in lost work orders and invoices. With such a system, accountability is difficult to track, revenue can be lost, and a company’s reputation compromised. The key to simplifying the paper trail is automating work orders and invoice processing so that virtually all manual and paper methods are replaced by automated functions that limit input errors and streamline processes. Not only does automation solve issues in the field, it also simplifies administrative functions by reducing data entry, eliminating transcription of work orders, and jumpstarts the billing process so that cash flows into the business more quickly.

Risk 5: Schedule cancellations

Solution: Create visibility in the scheduling calendar

What happens when your technicians are on their way to a job and the customer suddenly cancels or isn’t home? With automated scheduling and dispatch together with a connected mobile device, a cancelled appointment no longer means wasted time. A dispatcher can easily re-assign that technician to another nearby job. As well, the technician can catch up with a maintenance job closest to his location by simply viewing the map on his mobile device. The map shows his current position, and techs can easily zoom in and out to see which upcoming maintenance jobs are nearby. No more time wasted or money lost for cancelled service calls.

Risk 6: Revenue Leakage

Solution: Provide real-time warranty information

Warranty and service contract leakage happens when a technician performs a service at no charge, assuming it’s covered by the customer’s contract. An end-to-end field service software will not only help spot the “leaks,” but also “plug” them by providing service techs with the warranty and contract information they need, when they need it, to ensure they won’t give away service or parts for free.

A comprehensive field service management software solution helps protect your company from unexpected events that can disrupt day to day operations and effect your bottom line. Manage risks by ensuring that all your company data and knowledge are collected and stored in one cohesive system so you always stay one step ahead.

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