6 Ways HVAC Field Service Software will Improve Field to Office Communication

October 30, 2015
3 min read

  1. Field Technician to Service Company Database: Gain up-to-the-minute info: access vehicle location to better connect and communicate with technicians, view time sheets, customer invoices, completed work orders, new work orders, etc as they are uploaded to the company database in real time.
  2. Technician to Technician: Gaining support and building on the expertise of co-workers is important in industries like field service, but it’s often challenging for technicians to communicate. When your field service team is equipped with mobile devices and a field service application, they’re able to stay connected through document sharing and service history visibility. They can also see where other technicians are located and what parts they have so if they do need some help, they know who to call.
  3. Scheduler to Technician: Automated scheduling and dispatch create a two-way connection between schedulers and technicians. Schedulers can see technicians’ location, availability, skill set, access to parts, etc. so they know the right person to schedule for each job, and technicians get automatic alerts about new work orders and their details directly from the scheduler.
  4. Service Data to Managers: Manage projects from start to finish. The information technicians collect in the field is instantly accessible to service managers to assist in planning how they can make better business decisions to improve productivity and profitability. Complex and lengthy jobs are made more manageable and everyone who needs visibility into progress can access information on a moment’s notice. Do not miss a deadline, opportunity to bill your client or a critical step needed to complete the project.
  5. Customer to Company: Customers can have access to their own service portal where they can securely log in and initiate a service request or run specific service history reports.
  6. Company to Customer: Marketing automation and lead management is an important part of your business. It is important to always stay connected to your customers and build new connections to attract new customers. With Field service software you can regularly send out newsletters, promotions, marketing campaigns and even stay current on social media. Market your business to your customers and track their response.

Connecting the dots is vital to the success of your field service company. FIElDBOSS HVAC Contractor Software bridges communication between the field, office, customers, and all the data. While your competitors are busy driving back and forth trying to remember what needs to go where and who needs to be told what, you’re free to tackle more work orders, grow your business and build customer loyalty.

Contact FIELDBOSS for more information on how we can help your business grow and become connected.

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