7 Questions We Were Asked on Repeat at AHR 2022

February 16, 2022
HVAC, Tradeshows
4 min read

The 2022 AHR Expo is over, and the FIELDBOSS team has settled back into our normal day-to-day routine. It was nice to have some warm weather and sunshine before heading back to the lower-than-normal freezing temperatures that greeted us back in Toronto.

This year things were the most normal that they have been since AHR 2020 in Orlando. The event halls were lively with conversation from attendees who were happy to be back and catching up in person. 

In case you weren’t able to make it to this year’s show or to stop by our booth, here’s a quick recap of some of what you missed:

7 most popular questions we were asked at the 2022 AHR Expo

1. How long does it take to implement FIELDBOSS and how much does it cost?

FIELDBOSS can be implemented in as little as 6 weeks, depending on the level of customizations. We try to get our FIELDBOSS Professional clients live in 3 months.  Click here to find out which FIELDBOSS tier you fall into or give us a call and we can walk you through it.

2. What makes FIELDBOSS different from other HVAC contractor management software? FIELDBOSS is built within the Microsoft cloud platform and is specifically customized for the HVACR contracting market. Microsoft delivers their best-in-class security and ongoing product innovation and advancement. Microsoft Cloud security means you’re better protected than any other software product. Out-of-the-box integration with Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint & PowerApps means the software is already familiar to users, resulting in skyrocketing productivity increases.

We are also obsessed with customer service and support!

3. Does it work with QuickBooks? Do I have to change my accounting system?

FIELDBOSS can work with any accounting system via specialty configured Excel import/export templates.

4. How does my data transfer over to FIELDBOSS? What is the data migration process?

Transferring your data from your old software to FIELDBOSS is quick and easy using our data import Excel templates.

5. What’s the number one reason contractors are buying FIELDBOSS?

Contractors see the most value in being able to configure the system to meet the unique needs of their business, their customers, and their staff. The Dynamics 365 platform that FIELDBOSS is built in offers extraordinary flexibility and configurability. We start where you are and adjust as you grow. Of course, we always remind people that sometimes we will say “No, we can’t do that and here’s why.” Or “We could do that, but what if we did it this way instead so X process is more efficient?”. People appreciate hearing that we would collaborate with them to give them the best system possible and not just do whatever they asked, which could result in a less than ideal system when it comes to support or upgrades. 

6. Do you have specific views and dashboards that show parts availability and status of jobs?

We know how difficult it has been to navigate the supply chain issues during the last few years. These past few months we have deployed a lot of configured views for our clients so they can see the parts availability status and the corresponding job status.

7. What is the number one impact FIELDBOSS has on HVACR contracting businesses?

The biggest impact we have is in the billing process. Faster work and invoice approval resulting in lower customer disputes and better collections.

Of course, Vegas wasn’t all work. One night we came across an interesting display of an enormous chocolate tiger at the Aria Hotel. It was completely edible and took approximately 140 hours to create this incredible work of art. Fun fact – 140 hours is also how long it takes to do the average FIELDBOSS Essentials job from planning to implementation.

If you have any questions about FIELDBOSS please contact us or schedule a personalized demo. We hope to see you at the next show!