American Contractor Software Alternative

August 5, 2015
Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Mobility & Devices
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The software company who produces American Contractor (Maxwell Systems) was recently acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software and because of this, there has been an ongoing influx of leads looking for software alternatives. Seems that not everyone wants to jump so quickly to the “recommended” upgrade.

Are you using American Contractor but looking for an alternative software system? Look no further. We’re here to offer you the American Contractor alternative.

Why consider FIELDBOSS? Because FIELDBOSS and Viewpoint Construction Software differ in a few important areas.

Field Service and Contractor Management with Best in Class Financial Functionality

Contractors require sophisticated accounting functionality. FIELDBOSS goes way beyond Viewpoint because FIELDBOSS is built within Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means you get best in class financial reporting, budgeting, multi-company, electronic banking, revenue recognition, collections, procurement, inventory, payroll, human resources and more. Not only is Microsoft Dynamics GP highly functional, it is also flexible, configurable and scalable. It is quick to configure and deploy, easy to use, and provides forward-looking insights to help drive your business growth. Microsoft continues to make significant investments in the system so you are always current with today’s fast moving changes in technology. These are all very significant differentiators.

Business Intelligence on Any Device

Both FIELDBOSS and Viewpoint offer standard reports that are out-of-the-box, but FIELDBOSS also offers additional reporting options with design flexibility, collaboration, and drill-down capabilities that are embedded with Microsoft Office. With our Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM reporting tools, you get everything from custom consolidated financial statements, to dashboards with your organization’s Key Performance Indicators. Customized reports can be delivered to your email every morning, or presented on any device in dashboard format.

Customer Service & Support

FIELDBOSS is known for providing timely and highly effective support to users of Microsoft Dynamics. Our team of professionals doesn’t just handle support requests, each is a Microsoft Dynamics certified specialist with years of hands-on experience implementing systems. This means that the same team who implemented your solution is the same team handling your support.

Leverage the Microsoft Stack

FIELDBOSS is completely woven into Office 365, SharePoint and other Microsoft products, offering unbeatable strength when it comes to the technology integration area. Other software systems have trouble integrating with other Microsoft technologies, like security, two way Excel integration, Dynamics Word document templates and real time business intelligence.

Moving to a new software system might seem overwhelming, but FIELDBOSS simplifies the process of migrating your data. We will get you up and running quickly on a robust platform that will grow alongside your business and fit with your budget. Click here to take a look at the FIELDBOSS capabilities or Click here to schedule a demo of our contractor software solution.

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