CECA Standardized Maintenance Contract

February 14, 2017
2 min read

Preventive maintenance and service contracts are the most profitable source of revenue for elevator contractor companies. Businesses that perform preventive maintenance out-earn companies that don’t. But what happens if maintenance contracts aren’t filled out correctly or with all the necessary information? Busy elevator companies are often weighed down by the amount of paperwork, documentation, and demand for information that is required. Forms are often incomplete and, even more so, inconsistent.

CECA has solved this problem for its member companies by creating a standardized maintenance contract form. CECA members who use this form and choose FIELDBOSS® as their field service management software solution will have the added benefit of being able to have the form integrated into the FIELDBOSS® solution. The comprehensive document covers every detail such as elevator locations, payment terms, what is and is not covered by the contract, owner obligations and much more.

FIELDBOSS® allows any standardized maintenance form, CECA or other, to be uploaded to its system creating a digital copy that is accessible on your techs mobile device for every job. With a standardized maintenance contract, critical information will always be recorded more accurately and consistently. Your elevator service team will always have the necessary information to know what is covered by a maintenance contract, when it is expired and what services are required. The schedule and dispatch department will always know when to schedule maintenance, and management will have all the information required to see if a maintenance contract is bringing in revenue or needs to be adjusted.

Standardized maintenance forms play an essential role in streamlining workflows and driving operational efficiencies by providing a comprehensive and consistent flow of information. The result is measurable improvements in time-savings and information quality resulting in an increase in revenue.

Contact FIELDBOSS to see how standardized maintenance contracts can save your elevator service company time and money.