Clearing the Air on HVAC Industry Challenges

August 10, 2017
4 min read

The HVAC industry has been changing rapidly over the last few years, which has caused some unique challenges for HVAC businesses.

Here are 4 challenges your HVAC business might be struggling with that can be mitigated with a comprehensive HVAC contractor management software.

  1. Growing technician shortage & hiring skilled workers

Despite projected industry growth, the HVACR industry is expecting to see a talent shortage of over 138,000 employees by 2022! Although the HVAC industry itself is growing fast, many HVACR workers will soon leave the workforce for retirement. So how can established HVAC contractors hope to attract and retain top millennial talent going forward? One solution is the adoption of technology in all business processes. Millennials intuitively understand and see value in upending old ways of doing things and replacing it with something newer and faster. As a demographic, they are more open to new experiences and less concerned with a conservative attitude towards business processes. If things can be done better using a new process, Millennials are inclined to be on board.

  1. Dynamic regulatory climate

Regulatory changes are becoming normal in the HVAC industry, increasing in number and frequency every year…. higher efficiencies, lower emissions, new refrigerants and more. In the process, the industry has become more complicated for the contractor who is trying to create an efficient, sustainable, and affordable business while staying compliant and avoiding fines. The contractor has to stay up-to-date with efficiency changes in their regions, and know the product line they represent, especially as it relates to system matches The contractor must also be in constant communication with their team so they are aware of changing requirements as well as new standards. The only way to stay compliant and avoid fines is to use a field service management software that automatically and continuously updates information, collects critical data, and issues alerts on violations, complaints, inspections, fines, hearings, jobs, and permits for HVAC service companies. In today’s environment, compiling manual information on a spreadsheet is not enough to prevent critical issues from slipping through the cracks. Constant attention and technology are required to prevent the accumulation of risk factors that can lead to violations and fines.

  1. Increased Expectations of Customer Service

Customer service expectations have dramatically increased in the past few years thanks in part to 24/7 connectivity and the ability to reach companies via a number of different channels. Today, immediate responses to questions, repairs and emergency calls are expected. Customers demand their problems be solved on the first visit. For HVAC service companies, the pressure to fix it right the first time has never been higher, a nearly impossible task without the help of technology. With a comprehensive, intelligent HVAC contractor management solution, technicians are always on time, prepared and armed with all the information they need to offer superior customer service and to fix the job right the first time. Customers will always be satisfied and never need to look elsewhere!

  1. Technician Departure & Company Knowledge

Technician departure leading to loss of data has become a huge challenge for HVAC companies. By linking field techs with each other and with back office personnel, mobile technology keeps everyone within the organization in sync, transcending the limitations of geography. Whether you have technicians that are retiring, off sick, or busy on another job, automating and sharing data reduces the risk of having a single point of information. A connected mobile device helps build easily accessible knowledge bases so field workers can access information anywhere, anytime, regardless of their location. With your best technicians’ wisdom stored in a company-wide database, you won’t lose that expert knowledge when they do retire or leave the company.

With the quick pace the HVAC industry is moving, the intense competition for business, the demands from customers and the lack of qualified technicians, the only way to survive and thrive is with the help of a comprehensive HVAC contractor management software. FIELDBOSS offers over 100 HVAC specific features and remarkable technological innovations.

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