Cloud to The Ground: Overcoming The Challenges of User Adoption for Mobile Workers

March 21, 2023
2 min read

“I think the biggest challenge that is impacting mobile workers or frontline workers today is making sure that technology that’s dreamt up in the clouds, works on the ground, works in the real world.” Andrew Lorraine, CEO

When field service business owners and executives move toward modernization and improvement, their main goals are usually to increase automation to improve efficiency, increase flexibility, cut costs, and keep up with ever-present, ever-changing industry and customer demands. But there is a huge disconnect between what the boardroom wants and the actual people who are going to use it. Technology on its own is not the magic solution for these challenges. It requires a combined effort between technology, process, and people. Without a focus on all three key elements, technician software adoption generally fails to achieve its expected results.

So, how do you succeed in rolling out a mobile solution that your field workers willingly adopt?

Check out this interview with Resco CEO Andrew Lorraine discussing how to make sure the field service software you invest in gets adopted by the people who are actually using it.

When choosing a field service software, selecting a mobile application that can be adopted by your technicians and enforce the requirements your business needs can be tricky. That is why we have been working with our customers to turn FIELDBOSS Mobile into the number one tool your field staff rely on every day to help them do their job.

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