Connect Your Entire Service Organization With An Integrated System

May 15, 2018
Elevators, HVAC
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ERP and CRM software with a strong service system is the best way to have a complete overview of all internal processes and external tasks. Your ERP solution can help you automate all your back-office processes, from invoicing to inventory to purchasing to hiring. When this information is linked to your CRM, or front-office, data, you can improve your real-time response rate. An integrated system makes it possible to analyze all of your business processes and determine where improvements and adjustments might be necessary.

With an integrated system, management, office staff and field tech’s will increase their productivity and do their jobs more effectively. All systems are connected and updated in real-time. If you run disconnected business systems, it can result in additional effort to re-enter information such as customer information or job data. This wastes time and resources, and leads to data discrepancies and lost revenue. For example, if a technician arrives at a site where the client’s SLA period has expired, without visibility this information can be overlooked resulting in that tech’s work essentially being given away for free.

Our approach when developing FIELDBOSS was to leverage the best technology and functionality platform available so we could focus on solving industry problems and staying ahead of industry trends. Built within Microsoft Dynamics 365, FIELDBOSS automates business processes and enables field service contractors to have fully-integrated and paperless operations in the office and field.

So what happens when you use an integrated system like FIELDBOSS? You get an optimized system that helps you: schedule more efficiently, increase your first-time fix rate, invoice faster, increase your revenue, grow your business and leave a trail of happy customers.

Contact FIELDBOSS to learn how you can connect your entire service delivery organization from the field to the back office.