Consulting Services Are Now Offered On Microsoft Dynamics AppSource

November 10, 2017
Microsoft Updates
1 min read

Microsoft announced their new Microsoft Dynamics AppSource store in July 2016. Since then, a lot has developed around the online store. The app store is full of apps, solutions, and extensions that your business might need from Microsoft and partners like FIELDBOSS. Microsoft also just recently launched a new section of the website for consulting services. This section allows partners to offer services without needing to build an app. Partners can now offer a mini-scope of work at a fixed cost or even for free.

If you’re a business that has done their research and decided that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great fit, it might be difficult to find consistent pricing. This is because all partners offer different scopes of work, depending on the unique requirements of your business.

As a business looking to implement Dynamics 365 with an application like FIELDBOSS, the consulting services section is the best place to start.

FIELDBOSS was asked by Microsoft to participate in the pilot program, so we are already listed in the store. We have a couple of free assessments & briefings available for HVAC and elevator contractors as well as fixed cost workshops. Check them out here.

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