Ditch the Paper and Increase Productivity with Mobile Forms

December 7, 2016
2 min read

Mobile Forms Save You Time and Money, and Increase Your Processing Cycles

When completing a paper form out in the field, that document requires physical delivery to the office. The associated costs of this task, both in time and money, can add up. Using a mobile form eliminates these costs, while also significantly increasing your operational cycles. After completing a form on your mobile device, your data is immediately synced back to the office for review. Your administrative team can process the form instantly, making your workflows and turnaround times significantly more efficient. Additionally, removing the need for a technician to return to the office to hand in paperwork allows for more time spent with customers in the field.

Mobile Forms Record More Accurate and Detailed Data

With the ability to customize forms and utilize automatic calculations, submitted data is always accurate and instantaneous. Similarly, the option to enforce required fields ensures that forms are always submitted with complete data sets. Collecting data through a mobile form also enables the collection of new types of data like photo images, GPS coordinates, and maps. With more detailed and accurate information being collected and synced in real time, your HVAC management team will have a better understanding of what is going on in the field.

Mobile Forms Increase Information Sharing Across Your Organization

A comprehensive field service management system that is connected to your mobile platform allows crucial field data to be easily accessed and processed across your organization by various team members, departments, and their systems. It allows you to easily integrate your data to avoid inefficient manual data transfer processes.

Connected mobile forms play an essential role in streamlining workflows and driving operational efficiencies by enabling a flow of information directly from the field into the back office system. The result is measurable improvements in time savings and information quality.

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