FB Feature: Automate Sales Requests by Tech’s in the Field

March 14, 2018
Elevators, HVAC
2 min read

In the field service business, the technician is the employee that spends the most face time with a customer, organically building a trusted relationship over the course of many service calls. This connection to the customer is established in a much shorter timeframe than it takes most salespeople. So it’s only natural to expand the technician’s role to include sales. With the right tools, they can quickly become your most effective “sales” people.

While already in front of the customer your technician can recommend follow up services or suggest equipment upgrades. This strategy will save both your customer and your sales people time – a valuable asset in today’s hectic world. And who better to know what the customer needs than the person on the front lines? While attending to a service or maintenance call, a technician can note what type of repairs or upgrades are needed or other work that can be generated. By adding this information to the service activity, a field request is auto-generated and synched automatically into the sales queue prompting work for the sales team. The sales manager can then disperse the field requests among his team for follow up and an easy sale.

Aside from driving sales, the field request increases visibility to show how much extra work was generated by each technician. You can provide incentives for your field teams to upgrade, upsell and generate new sales – then track their progress. Reward them with the same incentives you would provide your core sales teams.

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