Feature Video: Sales Overview

October 18, 2022
4 min read

For field service companies, SPEED is essential in quoting as a customer’s likelihood of accepting a quote increases the sooner it is presented to them. Therefore, it is necessary to have a robust Sales Management tool that allows for quick and easy generation of accurate quotes. FIELDBOSS Sales Module makes the quoting process seamless for both the technician and the office.


With FIELDBOSS Sales, you can:

Accelerate your sales process and win more business

  • Manage all your Quotes in one place, and forget messing with multiple versions of a single quote or struggling to find the most recent one! You can follow up if a customer does not respond to a quote.
  • Generate common quotes at lightning speed by prepopulating an entire list of products to Quotes through product templates.
  • Eliminate the need for paper quotes by integrating with Adobe Sign. Instead, send quotes directly to the customer and manage the signature process like a rockstar. All the customer needs to do is review and sign your Quote!
  • Make it easy for your sales team by allowing them to convert an approved Quote to a Work Order with a push of a button.

Create quotes for all types of work, for all sizes, for all levels of sophistication

  • Embed sales process in all levels of your field service business. Produce Quotes from a Case, Field Recommendation, Project, Violation, Safety Test, or Opportunity.
  • Flexible Quoting allows you to specify estimated costs, markup, and taxes for each line item to determine the correct pricing for your customer.

Manage and report on your sales pipeline

  • Associate Quotes to Opportunities so you can keep track and report on your sales pipeline.
  • Create activities such as emails, phone calls, and tasks to keep track of sales activities related to an opportunity.
  • Use FIELDBOSS built-in Sales Dashboards to keep track of multiple opportunities to ensure that they are being nurtured, developed, and closed!

Configurable to fit your specific sales management needs (if needed)

  • Utilize existing built-in sales processes to save time on your FIELDBOSS Implementation! Or use it as a base to configure FIELDBOSS to fit your specific Sales Management needs.
  • Benefit from FIELDBOSS base document templates for Quotes. Simply change the logo to make it personalized for your field service business.

How FIELDBOSS Sales can help your business:

Elevator Industry:

Example # 1 – Proactive Service with Quotes from Recommendations

  • From a Service Activity, a technician can add recommendations for additional preventive work that should be completed. Once the Service Activity is closed, the Recommendation Field Request is created for the office to generate the Quote and contact the customer. All information is referenced and connected in one place so the Sales team can easily access the information they need without fussing with the technician that submitted the recommendation.

Example # 2 – Complex Quoting for Projects, both large and small

  • Elevator companies are often involved with large-scale projects requiring massive quotes and high complexity. FIELDBOSS Sales Module allows the Sales team to create Quotes for Projects. With flexible quoting, the Sales team can specify estimated costs, markup, and taxes for each line item to determine the correct pricing for the customer. In addition, all Won Quotes are reported against the Project record so that the Project Manager can easily track how much was estimated and compare it to Project actuals!

HVAC Industry:

Example # 3 – Repeating Quotes? No Problem.

  • HVAC companies routinely deal with producing tons of quotes with a pre-defined list of products and services for their customers. With FIELDBOSS Sales Module, there is no need to manually enter the line items one at a time. Instead, users can quickly generate common quotes at lightning speed by prepopulating an entire list of products for Quotes through product templates.

Specialty Field Services
Example # 4 – Sales process that makes sense

  • Users can generate a Quote for a customer and manage them in one place. All versions are kept, so you have a complete history of the Quote lifecycle. See real-time where the Quote is in the sales cycle and follow up with the customer if needed. Integrating Adobe Sign allows users to send quotes directly to the customer. All the customer needs to do is review and sign the Quote! Once the Quote is approved, the sales team can easily convert the Quote to a Work Order, and all information from Quote is passed along!

If you have any questions about Sales Module in FIELDBOSS or want to see its full capabilities in a live demo with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or schedule a personalized demo.