Field Requests: Feature Video

February 16, 2022
4 min read

When choosing a Field Service software, selecting a solution that has all the features and modules your business needs is important. Making sure those features and modules are optimized based on industry best practices so that the new tools don’t slow you down, is where the value lies.

Field Requests is a FIELDBOSS feature born from the minds of our customers and our experienced product management team. It was built to solve the common problem of “How can we get all the action items from our technicians in the field to the right staff, right away.”

What are Field Requests 

  • The Basics – Field requests are records generated manually or through automation by mobile staff to queue up action items for office staff.
  • Types of Field Requests – The Field Requests feature is a configurable entity that allows our customers to choose the field request types that matter to them. This list can be set up during implementation and adjusted anytime as your business grows.

The most common Field Request types used by over 90% of our FIELDBOSS customers are:

  • Recommendations / Quote Requests
  • Parts Ordering / Purchasing Requisitions
  • Elevator / Equipment Left Down
  • Rescheduling Requests
  • After Hours Services
  • Time Off Requests

Some of our customers get creative and use them for items such as:

  • Health and Safety Incidents
  • Equipment Reimbursements
  • Inventory Restocks
  • And much more!

Why Technicians Love Field Requests

  • Manually Created Field Requests – A user friendly tool that allows technicians to generate field requests as they need them. When selecting a field request type the system can tailor the subsequent questions and required information to optimize technician data entry.
  • Automated Field Requests – We have developed specific flags on Service Activities that trigger the automated creation of field requests to expedite and organize common actionable items like sales recommendations, rescheduling, purchase orders and units left down so technicians can raise a flag, without extra data entry.
  • Visibility of Their Requests – All field requests made by a technician can be monitored on the mobile device, so they can see when a quote has gone out, a time off request has been approved or a purchase order has been made.

Why Office Staff Love Field Requests

  • Real Time Information from the Field – Field requests are generated as technicians create them, not at the end of the day or week when they submit their work. This allows you to turn around a quote minutes after the technician was on site.
  • No More Parsing Through Service Tickets – Staff do not need to wait for a text from a technician or read every line in every ticket to find out what action items matter to them. Field Request automation parses these records and queues them up without human review or interaction.
  • It’s All in the Details – Technicians are prompted with the right questions based on the request type. Pulling up a quote request with pictures of the issues, technician notes and equipment details cuts the turnaround time down and limits the need for follow up phone calls.

Why Management Love Field Requests

  • The Right Person, Right Away – Peace of mind knowing that with routing rules, queues and dashboard visibility, all technician requests are getting to the correct employees based on their role and skills as soon as they are created in the field.
  • Reporting, Follow the Money! – Easily identify which technicians are driving business for you. With Field Requests being leveraged for technician recommendations and the FIELDBOSS business process flow through to quoting, you can pull up awarded quotes and completed job profitability numbers per technician from Field Requests! Some FIELDBOSS customers turn this into an internal friendly competition with monthly rewards for the technician’s driving business.


This short video provides a brief overview of the FIELDBOSS Field Request functionality.  

If you have any questions about Field Requests or would like to see the full capabilities of FIELDBOSS in a live demo with one of our experts, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.