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February 27, 2024
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9-1-1 dispatchers aren’t the only ones who know the importance of responding quickly to emergencies. 

Field service contractors also know the value of fast and efficient responsiveness when a commercial customer’s air conditioner breaks or requires elevator maintenance. They also understand how challenging it can be to manage field technicians, dispatchers, and customer service representatives in a high-octane and dynamic environment – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Navigating field service emergencies can be quite complex. That’s where an intuitive field service call center app can help.   

Connected to a comprehensive field service software solution, like FIELDBOSS, a field service call center app can help streamline your operations, allowing you to respond promptly to emergency situations, improve your technician productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we are going to show you exactly how the FIELDBOSS Call Center App is used.

What is the FIELDBOSS Field Service Call Center App?

As you may know, FIELDBOSS is a field service management software that is designed specifically for HVAC, elevator, and specialty field service contracting companies. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and allows you to manage all aspects of your field service operations from one platform.  

With FIELDBOSS, you can easily track your leads, quotes, work orders, invoices, inventory, maintenance contracts, and more. You can also schedule and dispatch your technicians, monitor their progress and performance, and coordinate with them in real time.  

But what if you need a lighter version of FIELDBOSS that can be used by your emergency contact center staff? What if you want to give them access to some of the features of FIELDBOSS without having to use the full software? That’s where the FIELDBOSS Call Center App comes in.  

Built on Microsoft Power Platform, our field service call center app provides light access to FIELDBOSS and is designed for field service contractors with emergency contact center requirements. It allows your call center staff to view customer information and service history specific to a building location. It also enables them to create new work orders and easily assign technicians to them. 

The FIELDBOSS Call Center app is easy to use and requires minimal training. It can be accessed via the cloud from any laptop with an internet connection. Here are three of the biggest benefits of using the FIELDBOSS Call Center App:

Light Access, Heavy Impact

Designed with the unique needs of field service contractors in mind, the FIELDBOSS Call Center App offers a simple yet powerful interface, granting quick access to crucial information. This streamlined approach allows emergency contact centers to make informed decisions promptly, reducing downtime and enhancing overall service quality.

Basic Dispatch functions enable staff to schedule technicians quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Integration with FIELDBOSS

Our field service call center app seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive FIELDBOSS platform, extending its capabilities to the fingertips of emergency responders. From elevators experiencing unexpected malfunctions to HVAC systems requiring immediate attention, the FIELDBOSS Call Center App ensures that vital information is readily available, enabling technicians to assess and address issues promptly.

FIELDBOSS makes it easy to view the service history of a building location.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In the world of emergency services, customer satisfaction is directly tied to the speed and efficiency of problem resolution. The FIELDBOSS Call Center App ensures that contractors not only meet but exceed customer expectations, positioning them as reliable partners in times of need.

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Boost Efficiency with FIELDBOSS Call Center App for Service Contractors

Beyond its role in streamlining emergency operations, the FIELDBOSS Call Center App empowers businesses to elevate real-time communication, optimize job scheduling, increase overall productivity, minimize paperwork, and deliver expedited service resolutions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.  

To explore how the FIELDBOSS Call Center App can seamlessly integrate into and benefit your field service business, reach out to our team today!

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