Field Service Management: Where Does the Time Go?

April 9, 2017
2 min read

Solid business process management is the driving force of any successful field service organization. So it is no surprise that a company’s effectiveness and efficiency are directly related to the systems in place that automates and streamlines their business processes. Integrated systems enable businesses to reduce costs and increase revenue by saving time through process optimization.

A strong ERP system with an integrated mobile solution for field technicians eliminates the paperwork and creates a less is more environment: less people needed, less work time spent, less errors, less handling, less paper, and more time to focus on growing your business.

Think about your day-to-day operations and the costly problems that a strong, integrated system can solve:

  1. Incomplete or missing paperwork is delaying invoicing/billing
  2. Which customers have paid? What was under warranty? What was covered under the maintenance contract?
  3. Customer cancelled appointment/schedule changes/emergency
  4. Re-entering technicians data/uploading photo’s
  5. Missing inventory
  6. The technician isn’t where he is supposed to be
  7. Maintenance Contract Management
  8. How much time is my technician really spending on the job?

The cumbersome manual processes required to run disconnected systems is a drain on efficiency and profitability. With a cohesive field service ERP system, multiple departments no longer need to enter the same information again and again. Enter information once and it is accessible in real-time by whoever needs it, wherever they are. Eliminating duplicate data entry produces higher profits through reduced resource requirements. Doing more with less allows your business to grow without adding unnecessary infrastructure. With all that extra time, you can focus on your client’s needs while increasing sales, reducing costs and growing your business efficiently and effectively. If the people in the back office are more efficient, that means that they’ll have more time to do extra customer-facing things like taking more calls from customers, calling to see if customers would like service, and making sure that parts are ready for the technicians.

More time translates to more money in your company’s pocket. Contact FIELDBOSS today.