FIELDBOSS 2.5 Release – Automate Operations and Unify Your Staff

November 4, 2016
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2 min read

FIELDBOSS is excited to announce a major new release to its FIELDBOSS® Contractor field service software. FIELDBOSS® 2.5 includes many significant new enhancements that were driven by existing customer feedback and the competitive marketplace.  It also includes some bug fixes, performance improvements and a re-design of current functionality to improve processes and usability.  In addition, this release supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365.

Major improvements include the service task configurator, the new time card entity, and progress billing.

  1. With our Service Task Configurator, it is possible to create customized and automated checklists in the office which are then synched to the mobile device so techs can follow and document procedures or collect data while on-site.
  2. Time Cards can be automatically generated from the field and edited as necessary for multiple resources. Regular, overtime (1.5x) and double time (2x) hours for each person can now be recorded on one “Card”. Individual expenses can now also be recorded on the Time Card.
  3. “Progress Billing” will allow you to create milestones and bill multiple milestones per invoice.  It will automatically keep track of amounts billed to date for each milestone.

For more information on FIELDBOSS 2.5, contact us here.