FIELDBOSS 4.5: Available and Ready for Action!

November 18, 2021
Elevators, HVAC
4 min read

Another major release is here and we can’t wait to share all of the amazing new features and enhancements! On October 22nd, 2021, we celebrated the release of our most impressive version of FIELDBOSS to date. FIELDBOSS 4.5 is full of new functionality and enhancements driven by existing customer requests, our consulting experts, technical advances from Microsoft, and the ever-changing field service industry.

With so many amazing updates and new features in FIELDBOSS 4.5 we couldn’t pick just one to share…

So, here are some highlights of a few of our favorites!

Field Request Automation

  • Field requests are the best way to queue up requests from the mechanics in the field for the office staff to manage in the system. Now we have developed specific flags on Service Activities that trigger the automated creation of Field Requests to expedite and organize common actionable items like sales recommendations, rescheduling, purchase orders and units left down so nothing falls through the cracks!

Purchase Order Management

  • New purchasing features now allow users to generate purchase orders directly within FIELDBOSS. The new purchase order entity gives staff the ability to select specific items to purchase, append to prior purchase orders, generate a purchase order document for a vendor and do all of this in the new, easy to use purchasing canvas app. Having purchase orders created from and tied directly to work orders means there are less steps for accounting when a vendor invoice is received, more flexibility for the procuring user and more accountability to accurate job costing.

Reporting and Transaction Entity

  • The power of FIELDBOSS just got stronger. With a new point in time transaction entity that automatically logs all costs (labor, material, subcontractor, and expenses) and ties them to Work Orders, Projects, Accounts and Building Locations, users can now easily determine profitability at a job, or customer level, WIP reporting on major projects and maintenance contract profitability with ease. Views, charts, dashboards, SSRS Reports and excel are still standard in FIELDBOSS but now you can leverage Microsoft Power BI for more sophisticated and advanced reporting. See more details on reporting here.

Resolution Codes

  • For some mechanics, fixing the issue is easy and filling out the paperwork is the hard part. The new resolution codes entity allows you to set up predetermined codes where mechanics can select what they accomplished while onsite. The system will further detail and elaborate the work so your client is receiving the information you want, and the mechanic can focus on the next task at hand. Spend less time proofreading and spellchecking, and more time on what matters.

External Reporting Entity

  • A growing industry trend for our customers is to have external consulting firms access or request data for their own systems. The new Activity Details entity allows FIELDBOSS to provide a secure location to generate reports or provide external access to these companies to have access to the data you want them to have. The ability to configure what is available, when it is available and provide secure access to records on your terms will meet these companies requirements and not open yourselves up to risk.

The list of features in FIELDBOSS 4.5 is extensive! Here a few other notable changes:

  • Automated Service Reports to Customers
  • Expense Management
  • Tool Tracking
  • Security Roles
  • UI Improvements

FIELDBOSS 4.5 has been in design, development, and testing for over 8 months by our experienced team of engineers built right here in North America. The products and features in this release are a testament to our client’s feedback, our desire for continuous improvement, and the Microsoft stack we have built FIELDBOSS on that allows us to put our vision into reality.

If you have any questions about these features or would like to see them in a live demo with one of our FIELDBOSS experts, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.