FIELDBOSS COVID-19 Silver Linings Playbook

December 13, 2020
Elevators, General, HVAC
8 min read

The old saying that every crisis represents an opportunity is certainly true in the case of COVID-19. While the challenges and tragedy of the pandemic can’t be ignored or minimised, staying positive during tough times is a proven way to help deal with stress, build resilience, and flourish under adversity.

This year hasn’t been easy, but our team sure has found creative ways to do things. We spent more time at home than ever before and some of us even completed that long honey do list. Here are some FIELDBOSS staff silver linings that have come out of these pandemic times.

FIELDBOSS Staff COVID Silver Linings Playbook

David Alberto: Application Consultant

  • Making music: My silver lining is that I was able to spend more time on self-reflection and rediscover my passion for making music. I played the saxophone for about 12 years until I stopped practicing seriously about 6-7 years ago. During the pandemic, I started making music again through music production software.

Valentina Li: Controller

  • A new family member: We adopted a dog because the owners decided to live abroad during the pandemic 😊. He is a beagle, and his name is Benson. He has quickly become our family member and a best friend to my daughter. My other dog is still adapting to him though ha-ha!

Joel Pierre: Application Specialist

  • Built a computer: Prior to the pandemic, my friends were helping me build my own computer (with a pizza or two for compensation). But with the pandemic keeping my ensemble of nerds away, I learned to fix/rebuild my computer myself over the summer. It was really rewarding getting it all right at the end and producing a running machine after countless hours of work and research.

Tamara Hobbs: Application Consultant

  • New running route: To social distance safely during the pandemic I changed my running route. The new, less crowded route takes me to Rosetta McClain Gardens, in the Bluffs, where I can see the beautiful sunrise.

Saadia Zakki: Project Coordinator

  • Family bonding: For me, one of the biggest gains was creating a stronger bond with my kids. The pandemic gave me an opportunity to reflect on my attitude towards them. I felt I was more like a circus drill master before – running on my own and their busy schedules. Staying at home with no school, no extracurricular activities, and no social gatherings, we had more time on our hands. Lots of baking, crafting, nature walks and cycling. My communication with them changed from “Do this! Do that! Get Ready! Eat!” to “What should we do? What should we have for dinner? Let’s do this!” etc. Life was much less stressful!

Martin Beechener: Product Manager

  • Exploring the trails: With more time on my hands due to the pandemic, I was able to explore the hiking trails around Kitchener/Waterloo and the Grand River. I was also able to spend more time with my elderly mother and on video calls with relatives.

Tim Powers: Senior Software Engineer

  • Inventing new games: During the initial lockdown in the spring, my family and I spent a lot of time outside playing games that we created together. The one we had the most fun with was a combination of soccer, hockey, and basketball. My kids increased their physical activity and creativity. It was great spending so much time together without other commitments. Like so many others we were extremely happy when the lockdown measures were relaxed, but for a few months it was a nice opportunity to spend quality time together.

Joshua Ford: Application Consultant

  • Condo renovation: Although we were not planning on it, especially during COVID, we ended up completely renovating our condo…so that was fun. It came at the expense of a flood due to a fire in the condo above us (thankfully no one was hurt) but the condo is done now and looks great!

Carolyn Berger: Office Administrator

  • Exploring my city: My initial thoughts were that by June we would be back to “normal.” When we weren’t, the enormity of the pandemic started to sink in, and the numbers started to rise. So, I walked and walked and walked. I listened to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Becoming by Michelle Obama was a favorite! It turned out that exploring the city on foot was a joy. Life became a series of outdoor meetings, backyard dinners, line ups, jigsaw puzzles and decluttering! And of course – baking bread. Amid the devastation and loss of life I was able to create many positive moments during COVID.

Hannah Kendall: Marketing Coordinator

  • Reunited with my siblings: My silver lining during the pandemic was that I was able to grow a strong bond with my nephew, Dax. He can now say “Auntie!” perfectly. I am so grateful to have been able be with him during these times. My three other siblings and I were also reunited, and all of us were under the same roof for the first time in years! We bought a whole bunch of board games and played Catan almost every night. We are all extremely competitive so sometimes that ended up in yelling matches…
  • Becoming an artist: During the initial stages of lockdown, I also splurged on art supplies and got into painting, which lasted one day, but it was still fun!

Brandon Grant: Application Consultant

  • Doggy time: Due to the pandemic I spent more time in my condo than ever before. The bright side was that I was able to spend more time with my dog Hazel, which has been a welcome change. I’ve been able to take her on more walks exploring the parks and Humber Bay waterfront around our area. She enjoys the increased attention. I have also had more time to catch up on movies and tv shows, and play more video games.

Corry Greenbaum: Marketing Manager

  • Snow day: The best thing about the pandemic for me was that life slowed down and I decided to take advantage. I joined a virtual women’s fitness program and committed to getting outside for an hour every day. I am someone who has always hated the cold weather and went outside as little as possible as soon as summer ended. This year is different. I invested in winter running gear and have already been out in below zero temperatures enjoying the fresh air. It’s become my favourite part of my day (well, second to my glass of wine).
  • Mrs Fix-it: The other silver lining for me was quite unexpected. During the lockdown we were unable to have anyone in our home to fix things. My husband is definitely not a handy guy. When the faucet on our kitchen sink broke, I decided I was going to teach myself to fix it. I ordered the parts and watched a YouTube video. It took a while, but I was able to replace the kitchen faucet for a fraction of what it would have cost to hire someone. I realized that I could do a lot of home improvements on my own and I actually enjoyed it. Since then, I have also fixed the fridge, stained our deck, put up a fence, installed shelves in a closet, built a desk, and have asked my husband to buy me power tools for my birthday.

Jonathan Taub: President

  • Less travel = more time: For me, the positive aspects of the pandemic have been the reduction in travel, which turned into a big money and time saver. The time that freed up has been used to declutter my house and office, take up rowing, get back into my kettlebells, get on a healthier sleep schedule and eat healthier. Which, of course, comes with not being at restaurants as much as I used to. I think the biggest silver lining is that the pandemic makes you be more mindful of what you have to be grateful for when you hear or see what other less fortunate people are enduring.

2020 was not a great year, and we are not sad at all that it is ending. This pandemic has affected us all. How we celebrate and mourn, visit with family and friends, and even how we do business has been turned upside down on its head. We have a new normal, but that doesn’t mean it has been easy to adapt to. We have been thrown a major curveball and we are all doing our best to make it work in our personal lives, and our professional lives. We should all be proud of how we have moved forward during these difficult times and looked for the silver linings. Goodbye 2020!