FieldBoss Event: Microsoft Dynamics for Elevator Contractors & HVAC Contractors

June 26, 2013
Elevators, Event, HVAC
1 min read

Our second presentation focused on our HVAC Contractor Software Solution. Although similar to our elevator solution, there are some major differences that are specifically designed for the HVAC industry. With our software you can set up and track HVAC information that is essential for aspects of your business. Contracts, locations, HVAC specifications, inspections, repairs, workflow, parts and labour are all in one place. Identify service requests as covered or not covered. Automatically generate work orders, track and renew contracts into sales opportunities and invoices.

We will be busy for the next few weeks following up and scheduling personalized demo’s for a lot of the contractors who attended. If you missed either of our events and would like more information on our elevator or HVAC solution, please contact us today.