FIELDBOSS Feature: Maintenance Scheduling Automation

July 20, 2018
2 min read

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old saying holds especially true when it comes to elevator maintenance. Using the right field service management tools can help transform your reactionary workforce to one that plans maintenance schedules for customer assets. Once your workforce gets into the flow of maintenance scheduling automation, you and your clients will see fewer reports of asset failures and overall improved efficiency.

With FIELDBOSS Maintenance Scheduling Automation, you can:

1.      Set up predefined scheduling for contracts that will run periodically

2.      Set a maintenance contract to have multiple service schedules if different elevators or sets of elevators receive different coverage

3.      Set the service tickets to show up for dispatching or directly onto that route mechanics device depending on preferred internal process

4.      Set a pre-defined task list (like the MCP or an internal maintenance task list) to be associated to the service tickets based on the type of visit

5.      Update the service tickets for work performed, time entry, tasks and then have them signed off by an onsite resource

6.      Send the completed ticket to the office for review and then emailed to the contact for that location or account

With FIELDBOSS Lift Maintenance Scheduling Automation, you can easily and efficiently manage a detailed maintenance program with the ability to run it how you want, in an automated fashion, so that you’re not manually interacting with every record every period.

Contact FIELDBOSS for more information on how Maintenance Scheduling Automation can help your elevator service company run a profitable and efficient maintenance program.