FIELDBOSS Feature Video: Inspections

May 17, 2022
Elevators, HVAC
3 min read

Filling out forms and reporting on the status of devices and equipment is something most technicians do on a regular basis. This usually means having to deal with an excess amount of paperwork in the field, and the office having to file and organize them. Utilizing the Inspections feature on FIELDBOSS Mobile allows you to eliminate the need for paper forms, save time, and stay organized.


Benefits of FIELDBOSS Inspections:

  • Paperless Dynamic Inspection Templates – Paper-based checklists may not cover the full scope of an inspection. They also are likely to cause human errors, omissions, and miscommunications that can send ripples throughout the workflow. With FIELDBOSS, technicians can choose from a list of Inspection templates that already include the resources, information, and data to make data entry easier, more accurate, and more efficient.
  • Organization – When a technician completes an Inspection checklist, it will be saved against that Device/Equipment, Building Location, and the Account. This eliminates the need to file these records as FIELDBOSS does it automatically as soon as the technician completes their Inspection.
  • Digital Reporting – Since all the Inspection checklists are digital, they can be easily output into Word or PDF file types for distribution should a customer request it.
  • Service History – FIELDBOSS office users can look up years’ worth of Inspection checklists should they ever need to provide them to a customer or reference a report. Any technician can reference and access the same history of Inspection checklists for the Building Location or Device/Equipment that they are working on.
  • Customization – The Inspection checklists are very customizable and can be created to fit your unique requirements. We will work with you to generate a catalog of Inspection templates that are intuitive for your technicians to complete and capture all the information that you require.

Pre-Created Templates

  • Elevator Both Electric and Hydraulic MCP Inspection checklists have already been created and are included in the Inspections add-on to FIELDBOSS Mobile. They include some added features like color coded questions, technician sign-off, and logic to ensure the entire checklist always gets completed.
  • HVAC – There is an extensive history of Inspection checklist templates that are pre-created for several different types of equipment. This can be used as a starting point for your specific Inspection needs to help speed up and simplify the creation process.

Improve the way you do Maintenance, get more accurate reporting on the status of a project, capture the necessary information for a quote while on site or even complete a health and safety assessment. There are plenty of options available with FIELDBOSS Inspections and the FIELDBOSS team will work with you to ensure you are provided with the most suitable solution.

If you have any questions about FIELDBOSS Inspections or would like to see its full capabilities in a live demo with one of our FIELDBOSS experts, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.