FIELDBOSS Lift 2.3 is Here!

September 15, 2017
2 min read

Thanks to the hard work of our FIELDBOSS team, FIELDBOSS Lift, Version 2.3 is now available to new customers. Current customers are expected to be upgraded in January to Version 2.5.

Here are some of the new and exciting functions of FB Lift, V. 2.3:

Stand-Alone Version

This new release offers a stand-alone version of FB Lift, meaning you don’t need to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting in order to use our solution. If you are using QuickBooks or a similar accounting system, you can now use FB Lift to keep track of your sales, marketing, projects, and field service.

Field Request Entity

Recently, Microsoft changed their license structure eliminating access to the Case Entity for field staff. Accordingly, we have developed a Field Request Entity to accommodate this restriction. Technicians use our new Field Request Entity to communicate with the head office for all common situations including parts requests, requests for quotes for some new work for a customer, scheduling changes etc.

NYC Department of Buildings

For our New York City Elevator contractors, users can now click on pre-populated NYC Department of Building’s URLs and easily access information about the building and each elevator/device – all from FB Lift. This functionality can also be configured for contractors in other cities with the same requirement.

Invoice Status Update

FIELDBOSS Lift can now display the status of an invoice as paid, unpaid, and partially paid.

For more information on FIELDBOSS Lift or to schedule a demo of the new release, contact us here.

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