FIELDBOSS Mobile – Swiss Army Knife or Switchblade?

September 13, 2022
Mobility & Devices
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While providing a strong foundation of service is important as a contractor, you must also embrace digital technology and its potential if you want to be a leader in your market. And what better way to provide good service than with the help of mobile technology. A mobile service application adds much-needed tools to your technician’s arsenal to make service more efficient and successful.

FIELDBOSS Mobile is built on top of the Resco Mobile platform which natively integrates to Dynamics 365, working both online and offline, and on any platform or device. It has extensive contractor specific functionality that can be configured for specific use cases or roles. In other words, it is a goldmine of information that users can carry around with them at all times!

When used in conjunction with FIELDBOSS best practices, being properly connected to the field in real time greatly improves field staff utilization, realization on their time, as well as numerous other back-office productivity improvements. This also translates to mitigating risk as you can pinpoint any issues before they reach your customers.

Is FIELDBOSS Mobile a multi-purpose “Swiss Army Knife” or a highly-focused, single purpose “Switchblade”?

Swiss Army Knife

As a Swiss Army Knife, FIELDOBSS has functionality for the obvious things such as time tracking, material used, and employee expenses. Additionally, FIELDBOSS mobile can be configured to handle field staff recommendations, service task resolution codes, equipment shutdown management, speech to text capabilities, the ever-popular time off request button and a lot more.

Switchblade for Your Industry


  • As a switchblade, FIELDBOSS Mobile can enable elevator contractors to consolidate the use and cost of various industry specific mobile apps including, Elevator Zip for field sales leads, Helios for safety tracking and eMCP, a maintenance control program specific app.


  • As a switchblade, FIELDBOSS Mobile can enable HVAC contractors to consolidate the use and cost of various industry specific mobile apps including HVAC specific apps for sales leads, specialized apps for safety tracking or other specific apps for maintenance control programs.

Given the labour shortage issues, we need to do everything we can to keep field staff happy, but also connected and feeding data that keeps the invoices going out the door quickly while providing information that delivers value to both the customer and the contractor.

Those in service need to be aware that as technology develops, the industry will become increasingly more mobile-centric. Contractors must adapt more quickly to these developments, and it’s by opening operations up to a flexible mobile service application that they’ll be able to get ahead. That is why we developed our digital solution to meet the needs of our customers.

If you would like to learn more about FIELDBOSS Mobile, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.

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