FIELDBOSS Recap of Elevator Contractor Meetings Across Canada and the U.S.

April 11, 2018
2 min read

FIELDBOSS regularly sends representatives to the regional elevator contractor meetings held across Canada and the US. Aside from the networking opportunities available, these gatherings keep us plugged into the elevator industry trends that our software is designed to help you contend with.

In February, we attended the Elevator Conference New York (ECNY) seminar on Door Lock Monitoring. Contractors in the New York market face a compliance deadline in 2020 that will be tough to meet given the volume of elevators that need to be retrofitted. Read more here.

In March, the ECNY seminar featured Non-Destructive testing. The seminar was quite in depth and was effective in explaining to the attendees that electronic testing technology will deliver an operations productivity boost. In March, ECNY also hosted their first quarterly safety round table, which was well attended by contractors, suppliers and regulators. The meeting featured a typical Italian NYC style lunch and a thorough primer on Lockout-tagout.

On the other coast, we attended the Northern California Elevator Industry Group contractor meeting in Oakland which featured a lively discussion on a variety of industry topics that were top of mind for the meeting attendees.

In April, the CECA Central Meeting featured a tour of the shop floor of the Durum College elevator technician trade school. The highlight of that gathering was an update of the expected regulations behind the Elevator Reliability Act, which is under consideration by the Ontario Provincial Government.

FIELDBOSS travels to many association meetings and industry events to stay informed on industry trends. Contact us to find out how our software can help you overcome complex industry challenges.

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