FIELDBOSS Version 4.0

February 19, 2020
3 min read


We continuously update our FIELDBOSS software introducing new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. We also plan major new releases based on feature and technology improvements from our customers as well as to take advantage of new capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform. Microsoft is now upgrading Dynamics 365 with two major, mandatory releases or “waves” per year.

Our newest release, FIELDBOSS 4.0 is now in development and testing. We anticipate it will be available for previews by March 30 2020. It is a mandatory upgrade for existing clients, to be completed no later than September 28, 2020, which is the date Microsoft has notified customers worldwide that certain features will no longer be supported. For example, the Service Calendar will be replaced by a new Universal Resource Scheduler.


Version 4.0 is a substantive upgrade to the underlying Microsoft platform. The new user interface is a more efficient design and the new service calendar is a material improvement over the current one used today. Here are some exciting new features coming to FIELDBOSS 4.0:

  1. Support the new Service Scheduling in D365. This will replace the Service Calendar and provide scheduling/dispatch a substantial improvement in flexibility, ease of use and automation.
  2. New Maintenance Contract Parent Entity and automation for setting up new contracts.
  3. New Safety Testing functionality for quoting and scheduling regulated safety testing.
  4. Convert sub-grid associated views to editable grids.
  5. New Utilities Tool to help automate installations, upgrades and data migration.


After we complete the upgrade of our client base, we are planning to release FIELDBOSS 4.5, which will focus on features and functionality. The FIELDBOSS 4.5 release is being planned prioritizing the following features:

  1. Enhanced Job Costing and Estimating for large projects / jobs using a more granular Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  2. Improvements in Purchasing automation including adding to existing PO’s and the ability to create PO’s in the field.
  3. Enable “Point-in-time” historical Job Cost/WIP reporting.
  4. The ability to handle Truck Stock (inventory in field).
  5. Improvement in Expense Tracking with the ability to manage expenses from the field to the job and and/or use Excel Online D365 feature for inputting expenses.
  6. Improvements to Service Activities and Time Cards including automation, data migration, budgeting, variances, banked time, mileage and Time Card approval.
  7. Enhanced Billing Automation for best practices and to standardize emailing, printing, voiding, deposits and overall document generation.
  8. Review and optimization of Integration with Dynamics GP including vendor integration fields, balance owing for account, building location and project.
  9. Performance improvements for application functionality and workflows.
  10. Many additional features focused on enhanced capability, ease of use and automation.

As a single, integrated system, FIELDBOSS provides you with the tools you need to run your business more efficiently, and leverage the resources you already have. Click here to watch our new videos, and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with our latest features and functionality.