Finding & retaining talent in the future of field service

September 22, 2016
Elevators, General, HVAC
2 min read

Another idea to consider is the fact that much of the millennial generation has demonstrated that they prefer university and college to trade school, and are approaching the workforce from a position quite different from construction and field service. These trends, coupled with a general upswing in demand, are creating the perfect conditions for a talent war. With this information in mind, here are some things your business can do to help attract, retain, and manage talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Proper feedback and regular employee evaluation have proved time and time again to be essential for maintaining a healthy roster of top talent. Not only do individuals like to be appreciated for their hard work but they also look up to management for help and suggestions. Construction Executive magazine has suggested that companies with a culture of respect where honest feedback can be given without it feeling personal and bruising egos is one of the number one most important factors to success in any industry.

Another way to maintain an inventory of top talent is to invest in a field service solution that attracts that oh-so-sought-after millennial talent. Millennials have consistently demonstrated that they care little for traditional business practices and are far more interested in finding new and more optimized ways of getting things done. This is of course because they are the first generation to be raised fully immersed in the technological revolution and are extremely computer-inclined as a result. Having a cutting edge software system managing the business is the best way to demonstrate to millennial talent that you are an excellent place for them to set up shop.

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