Four Drivers That Ensure FIELDBOSS User Adoption

June 3, 2015
Elevators, HVAC
2 min read

What drives user adoption?

There are four concepts that drive FIELDBOSS user adoption:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Strong Process and Procedure Management
  3. Remote Access and Mobility
  4. Internal Compliance & Gamification


To compel  staff to use any business management system, the user interface has to be simple, fast and easy to use. It needs to be designed in a way where staff feel that they are working well instead of performing data input tasks. They also require instant access to the information they need. User adoption means that users also need to believe that others are feeding the solution to make their life easier… not the other way around.

Process and Procedure Management

Process and Procedure Management is the hardest part and is the cornerstone to user adoption success. Organizational leaders who can explain, motivate and continually drive standardized processes will ensure staff buy in and project success. Organizations who back away will find that the staff may return to their ways of working – negating any system replacement objectives.

Remote Access and Mobility

Efficiency and business performance improvements require that staff be in the field where the equipment and customers are. With the right technologies, organizations can almost be entirely field based. From estimating and quoting to service delivery and invoicing, FIELDOBOSS empowers your staff to be completely connected to the customers, equipment and each other.

Compliance & Gamification

Contractor organizations are under pressure, both internally and externally, to comply with manufacturer mandated procedures and/or legislation. Compliance can be facilitated internally through software solutions by using workflow automation and gamification techniques. FIELDBOSS ensures that staff comply with lagging performance measures such as quota attainment, installation procedures and invoices paid, as critical way to monitor key performance measures. Ensuring staff comply with softer leading performance measures such as forecasts, quote turnaround time,  estimating accuracy and discount management are the keys to profitability and growth.