Government of Canada Recalls 1,739 Elevators After Doors Open to Empty Shafts

April 29, 2019
2 min read

It isn’t strange to see product recalls posted on the government of Canada website. Officials frequently order companies and distributors to remove items, usually food, that are reported to have made people ill or endangered consumers. Less frequently these recalls target non-perishable products with malfunctions, like cars, for example. A recent recall, however, may be a consumers’ worst nightmare. The government of Canada recalled over 1700 elevators after doors kept opening to empty shafts.

Elevators are used so frequently in our day to day lives, especially if you live in an apartment building, that you never really think about something malfunctioning in them. Although the majority of elevators are safe, sometimes things go wrong.

Health Canada has issued the recall for Cambridge Elevating Inc.’s Elmira, Heritage, and Hybrid residential elevators that have been sold throughout Canada and the United States. While there is not a specific list of exactly which buildings contain these elevators, Health Canada has stated that 1739 of these defective elevators were installed throughout Canadian buildings, while 681 were sold in the United States.

These elevators are newer models that have been installed sometime between January 2009 until November 2017 and are used for residential buildings. To view specific models and serial numbers that are affected you can view the full recall here.

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