Growth for the Combined Heat and Power Market

June 12, 2015
General, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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“While the market, as a whole, is experiencing steady growth, CHP’s penetration into global building infrastructure has been minimal,” said Brett Feldman, senior research analyst with Navigant Research. “In 2015, the technical potential of global floor space that could be served by commercial CHP is estimated at 441 billion square feet, but only a fraction of this total can be realistically served due to the high upfront capital cost associated with these types of systems.”

In addition to the high upfront expense, the high spark spreads, thermal requirements, and utility cooperation must be present for installed systems to be viable.  As such, the majority of today’s installations are confined to developed areas such as the United States, Northern Europe, South Korea, and Japan.

Overall there will be an increased demand for services, which will require augmented sales efforts. We already see a demand for resources required to train and manage new sales staff or make staff sales oriented. As time progresses, it is important for your sales people and field technicians to be connected to your company resources, this will give you the competitive advantage you need to win more jobs.