How FIELDBOSS Leveraged Time While the World was in Lockdown

August 26, 2020
2 min read

The events happening around the world right now are unprecedented…

Things that once appeared to be an unbelievable Hollywood storyline are now the reality of day-to-day living. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors and struggled to adjust to remote work.

When the lockdown was announced, FIELDBOSS had already been set up for remote working. We have always offered our staff flexibility, including the opportunity to work from home, so it was easy for us to make a few adjustments to our daily and weekly routines. Microsoft Teams became the hub for staff meetings as well as to service and connect with clients. As a bonus, we were able to enjoy the fact that we did not need to deal with traffic, airline reservations, and ending our training days at the Courtyard Marriot happy hour spread.

FIELDBOSS 4.0 – The Lockdown Version

Leading up to the lockdown, our engineers and consulting team had been working intensely on FIELDBOSS 4.0. When the lockdown hit, with no client visits and on-site demos, our team had more time to focus on the final changes for version 4.0. FIELDBOSS 4.0 is a platform release designed to maintain compliance with the new Microsoft Unified Interface that is now required by all Dynamics 365 apps. The result is akin to giving yourself a makeover!

Give us a call and we can show you some of the cool new upgrades such as:

  • The incredible new schedule board based on Microsoft’s Universal Resource Scheduler
  • Enhancements to our mobile client design
  • Our new safety testing module
  • Our redesigned maintenance management module
  • New checklist capabilities within the mobile device that take customer reporting from the field to the next level
  • New customer outputs you don’t even know you want including standard or custom MCP capabilities
  • And of course, the new look to our software

We will also be showcasing our new software at the virtual United 2020 conference. Stop by our booth or visit us at