How Important is Customer Service Software in the Field Service Industry?

August 5, 2015
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Well, how long does it take a customer to receive service from us upon request? What is the average time it takes to turn around a quote? How efficient is our customer relationship process today?

This information is invaluable when you own a service business. The answer to these questions is typically the difference between an unsatisfied customer and a long term relationship. Every field service company should have some type of customer service software.

As a FIELDBOSS consultant I often get to speak to clients and prospects about what their desires are for a new software. The list always starts with Customer Service. My clients want the best experience for their customers, just like I want the best experience for mine.

To improve any process you need to first know how it works today. FIELDBOSS allows you to track the time it takes between a customer raising their hand and the solution to be delivered by utilizing Case Management.

Utilizing the functions of Case Management within FIELDBOSS you can see how long it takes your team to respond to any requests that are started from outside the business. The three major types of customer requests are:

  1. Request for Service
  2. Request for a Sales Quote
  3. Request for Information

Case Management gives your team the ability to track the completion of customer or technician requests in real time. The image below shows a Case that has been opened by a customer service employee at a Mechanical contractor business. Every case is assigned a Case Type, a Customer, a User or Team that will complete the work, a Follow Up By date and many other functional bits of information.

In this scenario a customer has called in requesting service on piece of equipment that is not working properly. The information is captured in a case, assigned to the Service Department, where that case will sit in a Queue (similar to a To Do List function for a team). That Queue can be handled by a manager that will assign work accordingly or can be picked up like a ticketing system by any member of that team and simply monitored by management. The case will contain all necessary information throughout this process, allowing anyone whose role it is to complete the case with the means to do so.

Once the Service department has completed the case, the case is closed and time stamped.

Views and Charts within the system allow management to see the completion of these actions in real time and historically. By utilizing the fields on a case we can run dynamic reports that track things such as ‘Overdue Cases by Case Type’, ‘Average Time to Case Closure’ and ‘Open Cases by Specific Employee’ among many others.

To find out more about how Case Management can help you and your team efficiently satisfy customers, monitor employee workloads and make sure nothing falls through the cracks reach out to us here or watch this recorded webcast.

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