How Technology Can Help You Overcome The Labor Shortage & Skills Gap

March 16, 2022
4 min read

If you’re struggling to find qualified, skilled workers to fill open positions in your field service company, you’re not alone. The industry’s talent pool started shrinking due to a retiring workforce and technician turnover years ago. Unfortunately, it has continued to shrink even more due to pandemic-related shutdowns, layoffs, and resignations, putting even more pressure on an already understaffed workforce. With fewer young people entering the trades every year, the situation is expected to get worse.

Contractor Management Software is the Field Service Industry’s Secret Weapon

While there is no quick fix to compensate for the labor shortage, the pandemic has focused a spotlight on the importance of technology, which was already underway in the field service industry. Technology can help simplify everything from upskilling to service delivery and more.

Enhanced Technician Efficiency

  • Technicians with complete information can make better on-site decisions. Previous work done, access to the tasks that are scheduled to be performed, and upcoming maintenance as part of the service activity can have a dramatic impact on getting things done properly the first time. Accurate and faster completion enables the tech to move on to the next job, meaning working hours are spent more efficiently, improving utilization for the day.

Real-Time Communication 

  • Technician to technician: Gaining support and building on the expertise of co-workers is essential through connected mobile devices. Allowing less experienced techs to communicate and collaborate with teammates increases the speed and accuracy to complete a job.
  • Scheduler to Technician: Automated scheduling and dispatch creates a two-way connection between schedulers and technicians. Schedulers can see technicians’ location, availability, skill set, access to parts, etc. so they know the right person to schedule for each job, and technicians get automatic alerts about new work orders and their details directly from the scheduler to their mobile.

Real-time data and KPI’s eliminate misallocation and unnecessary downtime 

  • Contractor management software built for your industry makes it easy to learn from the past so you can better prepare for the next project. Tracking your best performing technicians, how projects went, what it took to complete them, how to schedule and dispatch more effectively and what areas need improvement are impossible to record and track without digital documentation. With the proper tools, you can eliminate misallocation of resources and unnecessary downtime.

Improved Safety 

  • The skilled labor shortage is one of the biggest challenges to worker health and safety. Contractor management software that includes automated health and safety checklists can help keep everyone up to date on safety protocols and help prepare workers for their jobs.  Keeping everyone healthy and safe means fewer staff needing to take time off work.

Creating a Tech-Savvy Culture 

  • Technology is attractive to the younger generation of workers. They consider an organization’s adoption of technology and innovation as an important factor when choosing which company to work for. Promoting a culture of continuous improvement based on modern field service software makes your company more attractive in a competitive market.

Upskill and Increase Workforce Knowledge

  • Contractor business owners can overcome their upskilling issues by investing in solutions that develop and empower the resources already within their workforce, while setting a standard for new employees. By better understanding workforce performance and implementing tools that erase the knowledge gap between staff, field service organizations will be able to quickly ramp up performance while reducing costs.  

Investing in the right contractor management software to help your current workforce increase utilization and efficiency, and improve communication is a necessity if you want to stay competitive. If your company is always behind schedule and over budget due to staffing issues, how will you compete with companies who are using the latest tech to streamline their processes?

FIELDBOSS contractor management software creates a centralized, real-time source of information that is accessible to your team wherever they are, whenever they need it. FIELDBOSS helps you get the most out of the labor resources you already have by delivering information you and your staff need to run your business more efficiently, profitably, and with lower risk. This is not just about technology; it is about people. Technology unlocks the potential in individuals because it shows them how to harness their power. When your team is in sync, your company thrives. Being more resourceful than your competitors will help you succeed in a difficult market.

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