How To Get Your Field Technicians On Board With Mobile Software

October 13, 2017
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4 min read

You have finally made the move and upgraded to a field service management software. You have spent a lot of time and money to make sure you chose the right software, worked with your solution provider to make the implementation and transition a smooth one, and tested your software before going live. Your technicians in the field can now access and log real-time information on a mobile phone or tablet from wherever they are working. But just because updating field service information can be done from anywhere doesn’t mean it is being done. Overcoming poor technology adoption can be a major hurdle for many companies in the field service business.

With field service software, even the simplest programs can create a steep learning curve – especially if your technicians have been doing things a certain way for their entire career. While some techs might be technically savvy, others may not. And in order to really get the full value from your field service management solution, you need everyone on board – all technicians using all the features, allowing management full visibility across the organization and empowering them to make better decisions.

So, how do you create a team of eager, tech-savvy field technicians?

  1. Get your techs on board early:

Ask your service manager or a senior technician to sit in on some software demos. He knows what the technicians need on a day-to-day basis and will have valuable insight. Also, consider opening the floor to the users of the software (your field technicians) during the implementation phase. Allow them to see the software in action and raise any questions or concerns they have before you go live.

  1. Tell them why:

When implementing software across an organization, one of the biggest roadblocks to adoption and success is the lack of transparency. Without explaining the value to field techs, they will quickly become resentful and end up using the software for the bare minimum. Why would they want to make a change when the way they have been doing it for years was fine? It is critical that you help them understand how it makes their lives better. Explaining the value – the reasons why you need this software, and making it clear how it benefits them – encourages them to invest the time and energy into becoming tech savvy.

  1. Lead the learning:

As a business owner or administrator, you’re ultimately making the purchasing decision and will be the one introducing the field service software to your technicians. Before you introduce this program to them, you need to have a strong understanding on your own – otherwise, your confusion becomes their confusion, leaving everyone frustrated. Make sure you have a clear understanding before opening it up to the team. This process not only helps you to teach – it allows you to spot potential problems in the product, and resolve them before they become frustrations for your field techs.

  1. Incentivize:

Be it a party, a bonus, an extra day off – incentives to succeed are proven to work in every industry. Provide them with an incentive to use the software – for example, “If we document every job with photos during April, we’ll all go to a ball game with an open bar”. Yes, this will cost money and time – however, now you’re seeing the team using the tool, supporting one another on the use of the software so that they can get that extra reward.

  1. Get influencers on board:

In the early stages of the launch, focus on getting a few influencers fully invested in the new technology, so they can coach and encourage others on how to use the tools properly. Make sure this group has good communication and networking skills. It’s most important not that early adopters adopt, but that influencers adopt as this will encourage other technicians to follow suit. These influencers can become ‘super users’ who will be the product experts. They will come to know the product inside-out and be the go-to people for anyone in your company who has questions about it.

There’s no magic potion to turning your field techs into software wizards. Ultimately, what makes someone tech savvy is a willingness to put in the effort to learn. If you can demonstrate the value of the new technology and back that up with training, support and an incentive – your company will soon be filled with not only service experts, but software experts as well. However, you decide to train your staff to use the new technology, working with a knowledgeable experienced partner can help ensure a successful transition.

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