HVAC Service Business is Heating-Up

November 25, 2015
3 min read

  1. Focus on Energy Savings

Energy savings are important to consumers these days, not only because it saves them money on energy bills, but because people like to know they’re doing their part to conserve. The growing trend toward energy efficiency is encouraging home and building owners to upgrade to more efficient systems. In fact, some government agencies provide rebates and tax credits for consumer energy efficiency.

  1. Let Mobile Lead the Way

Mobile technology is everywhere these days, including the HVAC industry. With the ability to download and sync information with the back office, techs no longer need to travel to and from the office to receive and input data, such as hours, equipment documentation, parts used, inspection information, etc. Help your HVAC service technicians exceed customer expectations by empowering them with real time customer data, inventory tracking, and warranty information etc on their mobile field service apps. In 2016, mobility will be seen as the standard and not a trend so make sure you don’t fall behind. Contractors who ignore new technology do so at their own risk.

  1. Drive Forward with Data

Along with mobile and improved technologies for field services comes the increased reliance on data to drive business decisions. Data collection and analysis will need to become part of your field service operations if they’re not already. It’s no longer enough to capture and log the site visit basics such as start time, end time, and repair info. While onsite, the tech is in the perfect position to acquire information on product utilization, customer likes/dislikes, etc. Management can collect and use data for business intelligence and reporting. Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and act with insight. So while customers are looking for smarter equipment, HVAC contractors can find smart technology-driven ways to increase their businesses.

  1. Customer Service Comes First

As the HVAC service industry continues to evolve, organizations have realized that customers expect more of HVAC service companies than simply fixing a broken unit. Customers expect proactive and value added services to differentiate an organization from being good to being great. Ultimately, customer satisfaction can improve the profitability of the entire organization by impacting repeat purchase decisions, new customer referrals, and extended revenue for the service operation. As HVAC units become more complex, establishing regular preventive maintenance programs with technicians who understand how to service them will become more important.

  1. Make the Most of Promising Market Segments and the Increase in Installations

With a growing construction market comes increased demand for HVAC contractors. HVAC industry revenue is forecast to rise over the next five years, thanks to the growth in construction and the need for new installations.

The top market segments for HVAC companies are:

  1. Hospitals/health care
  2. Light commercial
  3. Data/telecom centers
  4. Heavy commercial
  5. Office buildings

Being aware of the most profitable segments and marketing and selling within those areas allows organizations to make the most out of sales efforts by targeting the areas in which they’re most needed.

The Perfect Time to Grow Your HVAC Company

Adopting the latest technology and advancements in mobile is one way to make your service team more productive. Mobility enables timely information delivery, more accurate dispatch to the field, stronger profits per visit, and increased worker safety. Take advantage of today’s opportunity in service and combine that with the best end-to-end field service software solution and you’re bound to reap the benefits. There’s no doubt, it’s a good time to be an HVAC contractor!