In the FIELDBOSS Toolbox: Basic Dispatch

January 16, 2023
2 min read

The FIELDBOSS “Toolbox” is all about offering you some quick tips and tricks to help make your workday more efficient while taking advantage of all FIELDBOSS has to offer.

When an urgent phone call comes in from a customer in need, it’s your company’s time to deliver on the promises made to your customer.

Basic Dispatch

Basic Dispatching in FIELDBOSS makes the process of scheduling your technicians as efficient as possible, for both the front and back office.

When a call comes in, FIELDBOSS Basic Dispatch allows anyone in your company with permissions to look up a building location, enter a time, technician ID and a description about the service request.

By clicking one check box and hitting the save button, FIELDBOSS will then automatically set up the service ticket, create the associated job record, and dispatch the ticket to the technicians phone.

With an add-in to Dynamics 365 called Twillio, users can send a text, WhatsApp or other message to the technician for added assurance that a new service ticket has been created and assigned.

At FIELDBOSS, we make it a priority to help you recognize and optimize all the resources at your disposal. When you leverage our industry-leading field service software platform, you can capitalize on opportunities for incremental improvement.

If you would like to learn more about how FIELDBOSS can transform your business and empower your team, please contact us or schedule a free personalized demo.